Modeling to Support Agile Data Warehouses: Hyper Normalization and Hyper Generalization

I was in Las Vegas recently for The Data Warehousing Institute conference helping out with our Magnitude Software booth, and I noticed one of the classes being taught there was “Agile Data Engineering:  New Data Modeling Techniques that Readily Adapt to Constant Change.”

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Building Agile Data Warehouses with Ralph Hughes [Webinar]

Building Agile Data Warehouses with Ralph HughesWatch the recorded webinar from March 22nd with Ralph Hughes, TDWI faculty member, author and 25-year veteran of DW and BI projects for Fortune 500 companies. Read more

Is Your Data Warehouse Fragile or Agile?

In his most recent blog, Ralph Hughes makes the point that business managers have grown accustomed to seeing data warehousing professionals “disappear after gathering requirements, only to return 10 or more months later with applications that don’t meet the needs or are out of date because the business has changed while we were off coding.” Read more

Ralph Hughes talks agile data warehousing with TDWI

Melissa Parrish from TDWI stopped by our Kalido booth at the TDWI World Conference in Las Vegas to catch up Ralph Hughes. They chatted about some takeaways from his book “Agile Data Warehousing” and what he has planned for the future. Read more