Executive Q & A with Kelly Williams, General Manager, Professional Services and Customer Success

l_kellywilliamsKelly Williams has been a part of the Noetix team since 2003 and has more than 25 years of experience in the consulting industry, focusing predominantly on Business Intelligence and Oracle technologies.  As the General Manager of Professional Services and Customer Success for Noetix, Kelly manages the delivery of services around the globe with a highly skilled team of professionals located in the US, UK, and India.

You are managing Noetix’s recently launched Customer Success Program.  Can you tell us a little bit about it?

This is a program we’ve wanted to initiate for several years.  It brings our various customer success initiatives together into one program that is targeted at making sure our customers achieve the ROI they intended when they invested in Noetix solutions.  We have stakeholders from across the company that meet with customers on a regular basis to obtain feedback so that we can continuously improve our products and services while simultaneously providing recommendations that assist customers with achieving their short- and long-term business goals and BI objectives. Read more

Executive Q & A with Jon Amos, General Manager, Consulting

We recently caught up with Jon Amos, General Manager, Consulting, and asked him a few questions about the potential for growth in Professional Services, as well as plans for the year.  Jon has over 20 years of experience in Operational Management and Consulting, with a focus in Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, and Business Automation.  He currently manages the Consulting and Managed Services teams globally, with highly skilled people located in the US, UK, and India. Read more

Executive Q & A with Jan Gomez, Vice President of Professional Services

After 11 years, Jan Gomez, vice president of professional services, is retiring from Noetix.  She has been an important part of the executive management team and will be dearly missed.  We caught up with Jan before she left to ask her a few questions about her tenure at Noetix, as well as what she has planned for the next chapter in her life. Read more