Returning to our EDM Roots in 2020: Kalido Name Re-Emerges

The Kalido Comeback: Magnitude Reintroduces Kalido Name for Award-Winning Data Management Suite

At the edge of a new decade where data and its management (and governance) is more important than ever, we’ve heard the call of our customers to return the Kalido name to our Magnitude Data Management Suite. Kalido products, capabilities – and the moniker itself – remained firmly entrenched as a trusted name in the market, including earning top scores for technology and customer satisfaction in the Information Difference MDM Landscape 2019 Report.  All that, plus a “Strong Performer” position in The Forrester Wave™: Master Data Management Solutions, Q1 2019 convinced us to return to our solutions’ brand roots, refreshed with an updated logo.

Let’s rewind 15 years to the beginning of Kalido. The name stems from Kaleidoscope, which describes consistently changing patterns. The genesis of Kalido was in the desire to solve data management problems for large global companies. Our early customers, such as Royal Dutch Shell and Unilever, were dealing with an evolving application landscape; they needed a technology solution to keep up with the dynamic change. In fact, the first Kalido implementation was a data warehouse automation solution for tracking sales in Shell’s convenience stores. Shell has since relied on Kalido for a shared product master data management (MDM) system.

According to Royal Dutch Shell:

“Kalido gives us fast access to vital, global product master data, ensuring maximum efficiency in R&D.”

Today, this trend has only been exacerbated with the growth in SaaS technologies and the complexity of managing more and more data sources. This issue is no longer confined to very large enterprises as many small and large businesses are grappling with managing the unbundling of monolithic ERP applications and the corresponding data fragmentation with the transition to cloud-based apps. As such, there’s a heightened need to meet the continuous change in achieving a single view of data for reporting and to uncover critical insights across an increasingly fragmented application landscape. This vast data management opportunity is further fueling the growing customer demand for our Kalido solutions.

Our customer-centric approach to helping businesses manage data – including metadata – as a strategic enterprise asset sets us apart. We recently launched Kalido MDM 11 with industry-leading innovations with one goal in mind – to provide the best value to our customers. We’re working on more enhancements for our next version to be released this year. Stay tuned!

To see Kalido MDM in action, watch our videos that show off the new functionality and UI.

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