Summing up Kalido announcements at Teradata PARTNERS 2010

Kalido made a number of announcements at the Teradata PARTNERS 2010 Conference this week. I’ve talked to several attendees in our booth and in private meetings with industry analysts, and the response has been great! Read more

How to build a business model

In my last post I included a video that gave you a tour of a business model that was already built. This post includes a new video about how to build the model from scratch, and how it relates to a specific business event that everyone can understand. This video is much more high level and gives you a better idea on how to approach building a model. Read more

Business models drive agility

In this post I want to show you one of the key components to achieving an agile data warehouse – the business information model. We use this capability to drive everything in and about the warehouse – its structure, its content and its ability to rapidly change. The business model gives us a common language that both IT and business people can understand. Take a look at the video to get a quick tour of what the business model is about. Read more

Announcing The Cascaded Data Warehouse

Today we made an announcement about a very cool new capability in the Kalido Information Engine that we call a “cascaded data warehouse.” This new capability delivers a no compromise approach to getting BOTH fast data loads AND fast query response to users. The result is greater flexibility, faster speed and much stronger performance for customers. Read more

Make your data warehouse built to last

When you hear something is built to last, what do you think? You might think of it as sturdy, solid and holds up to wear and tear. Those are great attributes for a building or a truck. But are those the attributes you want to think about when you want a data warehouse that is built to last? Read more

Does information management agility require new tools?

In my first blog post, I questioned whether performance and capacity was really the most important thing for data warehousing, and I suggested that agility and flexibility ought to be considered a more important topic. Some recent research from Boris Evelson and a blog post from Jim Kobielus, analysts at Forrester Research, underscore the benefits of an agile approach, both in data warehousing and business intelligence tools as well as in methodology. Read more

EMC buys Greenplum: Right answer, wrong question

EMC announced last week they had acquired Greenplum, makers of an MPP analytic database, for an undisclosed sum. According to Dave Kellogg’s blog the valuation of Greenplum could have been as much as $300 to $400 million, and for a young startup, it is a fabulous exit and was for sure the right answer for them. Read more

Willy Wonka and the Data Factory

Over the weekend, my 5th grader and about 80 of his classmates performed a brilliant rendition of “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. Most know this as a childhood fable of a humble child given the opportunity of a lifetime by passing a series of character tests. Those failing the tests are prototypical examples of greed, avarice, sloth, etc- my guess is if they had tried to cover all seven deadly sins the movie would have been too long. Anyway, as Mike TeeVee was decomposed into a million bits by WonkaVision and sent over the airwaves to become the first kid transmitted by television, it struck me that this process has a direct correlation to how data is managed in the enterprise. Read more

Data Governance takes flight

Last night, I arrived at my gate in Boston to board a flight to San Francisco. I arrived about ten minutes before boarding, and as is my usual custom, I stood at the entrance to the boarding area. To my surprise, there was nobody else standing there, but within 30 seconds people had begun to line up behind me as if I knew something. Within 5 minutes, a line of 50 or so people had formed. The gate agents cast a worried look our way. When the traditional boarding time arrived, typically 30 minutes before the flight, the mood of the crowd shifted; people began posturing for better position, and several people moved their way up to the front of the line for “pre-boarding. Problem is, American doesn’t pre-board”. Read more

Innovation in BI: Independent Vendors take the stage

The tech sector has always been a fertile playground of innovation. It’s fair to say that technologists in general are fond of the new- often irrespective of the business value it brings to the table. Tech is no different than any other sector; new ideas turn into companies that bigger firms see as a way to increase market share and lock down installed base spending; yet for years, consolidation in the software industry was not thought of simply because integrating different software programs was deemed too difficult. Read more