Executive Q & A with Michael Huffines, Noetix General Manager, Sales Central and West

From what you’ve seen in the field, why do data warehouse projects fail?

For the past 16 years I’ve been involved in the data warehousing / business intelligence industry.  I’ve seen an amazing amount of progress and yet, nearly every day I meet with a potential customer that has fallen victim to one or more of the major pitfalls inherent to data warehouse initiatives.  Here are some tips to avoid common mistakes. Read more

What is the Value of Building a Data Warehouse?

QUESTION: What is the value of building a data warehouse?

ANSWER: This is a common question, especially for customers who have used NoetixViews (sometimes for many years) to meet their reporting needs. Although real-time operational reporting is important and valuable, there are several benefits provided by a data warehouse: Read more

BI Application Buy vs. Build: Is Your Data Really That Unique?

By Elliot King, Ph.D.

The buy-versus-build question has haunted the development of data warehouses and analytic applications since Bill Inmon started discussing the underlying concepts in the 1970s, and Barry Devlin and Paul Murphy published “An Architecture For A Business and Information System” in the IBM System Journal in 1988. Since then, many vendors have offered packaged applications that facilitate the development of data warehouses and analytic applications. Nevertheless, many companies still opt to build their own custom data warehouses rather than buying pre-packaged solutions. The question is, why? Read more