Ventana Research Report Reveals Business Analytics the Top Technology for Optimizing IT

To mark its 10th year in business, Ventana Research has released what it calls its “most ambitious benchmark research undertaking ever.”  The new report, titled Business Technology Innovation, identifies six key areas that show promise to become critical differentiators for improvement in business performance and processes.  The six areas are as follows: Big Data; Business Analytics; Social Media; Mobile Technology; Business Collaboration; and Cloud Computing. Read more

What is your opinion of BI in the cloud?

QUESTION: What is your opinion of BI in the cloud?

ANSWER: In the BI industry, there’s a vendor rush for “BI in the cloud” – everybody’s doing it, so it must be good! Unfortunately, much of that enthusiasm is likely to result in disappointment for customers who embrace these early “cloud” offerings. Read more

Cloud Computing News 2011: Oracle Cloud Solutions

Oracle’s move into cloud CRM at the end of October had business and tech media abuzz with speculation of what it means for competitors such as and Microsoft. Some news outlets jumped on the bandwagon by offering up their own definitions of “The Cloud,” and still others continue to wonder if the cloud even matters? Read more