Magnitude Releases Kalido Data Warehouse Automation for the Cloud

Accelerate Faster Business Value with Kalido Data Warehouse Automation for the Cloud

2020 is ushering in an accelerated phase of cloud growth as more businesses seek to take advantage of the usability, scalability, and flexibility of cloud solutions and shift more of their data to the cloud.

However, effective data management and improving data quality in the cloud is no easy endeavor. Ensuring agility in your data warehouse is the foundation for success and we’ve now released Kalido Dynamic Information Warehouse (DIW) for the cloud, our original and best data warehouse automation technology on the native cloud, specifically for Azure customers.

Why this matters

Automation, agility, and speed are part of the Kalido DNA. We’re dramatically accelerating the ability for businesses to deliver business value faster through our model-driven data warehouse automation with all of the benefits of the cloud —lower cost of ownership, zero maintenance, lower risk and via a subscription model.

We’re empowering our customers with significant time, resource and effort savings in their Kalido DIW projects compared to traditional data warehouse design, build and operation experiences. But don’t just take our word for it.

Among the key customer benefits:

  • Through automation, everything from designing, building, and operating a data warehouse can be achieved much faster compared to traditional data warehouse development and implementation methods.
  • As a result, business teams gain access to the data they need for analysis and decision-making faster, in an environment that is much easier to keep current with constant business-driven change. Furthermore, with DIW in the cloud, businesses can innovate even faster in solving their most complex data challenges.
  • The combination of our business information modeling and data warehouse automation solutions is helping today’s data-driven businesses eliminate manual tasks, reduce project risks and lead to improved data quality.

Interested in developing and deploying a high-quality data foundation for analytics in 90 days or less with Dynamic Information Warehouse (DIW) in the cloud?  Let’s have a conversation

Now Available: Noetix Generator for Tableau

We are pleased to introduce Noetix Generator for Tableau, the newest member of the Noetix family of Generators.  By creating simplified mappings of the data structures within Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) in the form of business views and analytics models, Noetix Generator unlocks the power of Tableau with intuitive access to rich business metadata for […]

Announcing Kalido 9.1 SP2 – And a New Product

We were excited today to announce the latest release of the Kalido Information Engine, version 9.1 SP2. This release has enhancements in both our data warehouse automation capabilities and our master data management capabilities. In this post I’ll recap a few of the most notable ones.
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Business Modeling: Who Is Your Audience?

The Kalido business model is central to our core technology.  Model-driven automation facilitated by the Kalido Information Engine manages data sourcing, business rules validation, data integration, physical storage and presentation for both master data and warehouse instances.
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Data Warehouse Survey Update

It’s the end of October now which means that the autumn trade show season is drawing to a close. This year we sponsored and exhibited at the TDWI World Conference in San Diego (and in Chicago earlier in the year), and the Teradata PARTNERS Conference in Nashville. Once again we gathered survey responses in our booth, so I took a look at how things have changed, or not, since last year’s update.
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Breaking through the wall – a race won before it even starts

“Breaking through the wall,” the metaphor used by runners to describe the moment when they break the shackles of fatigue and their practice and determination pay-off, seems apropos as my “fitter” Magnitude Software colleagues recently tackled the London and Brighton Marathons. Congratulations to our runners and their amazing achievement! Read more

Announcing Magnitude Software

We’ve had a busy few weeks that have led up to today’s announcement that Kalido and Noetix have joined forces to become Magnitude Software. Everyone here in the new company is excited by the future we’ve planned for ourselves and for our customers. This combination of a strong and established set of BI, reporting, analytics, data warehousing and MDM products creates economies of scale which will increase our competitiveness and profitability and attract additional investments, which will enable us to invest more in our products and our customers.  Read more

A Common Explaining Language Leads to Understanding

“I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you.”

A good friend of mine recently alienated the person that pays his salary with the above statement. While you might question his wisdom – I know I did (after a quiet chuckle) – I’m reminded of how often the same thought has gone unsaid when business and IT “collaborate” on traditional data warehouse projects. The business is baffled by the technical jargon that IT uses, and the IT team wishes the business could articulate their requirements in a form from which they can build the solution. The lack of a common language to explain what each side means hinders this understanding. Read more

What’s The Real Burden in ETL?

Readers of our corporate blog and followers of the Kalido message know we have been promoting “No ETL” in the context of data warehousing. Inevitably this leads to ETL tool vendor outrage at the notion that you don’t need ETL. So let me be clear: we believe you will always need the concept of Extract, Transform and Load. However, most ETL tools do not automate many data integration concepts – they just provide a mechanism for a human to create that manually. Our approach is to keep the concept of ETL – extract data from multiple sources, transform it and then load that data into the data warehouse tables – but to automate this process. With Kalido, you don’t always need a separate ETL tool to do it. Read more

The less things change, the more they stay the same

In 2012, we surveyed attendees at TDWI World Conferences regarding topics related to data warehousing: how they handle change, how long it takes to deploy new data, costs associated with supporting the data warehouse and so on. Over this period we received well over 500 responses and have blogged about it and shared information in other places such as infographics on our website. Read more