Administer NoetixViews and Maintain an Optimal Reporting Environment

NoetixViews Administration training is designed for individuals who install, regenerate, maintain and support NoetixViews for Oracle E-Business Suite. Key learning subjects include how to keep your NoetixViews implementation up-to-date and optimized for peak operational performance.

Who Should Attend
Individuals responsible for managing or customizing NoetixViews, including the altering and populating of Noetix content into reporting tools or BI applications. Both new and experienced Noetix Administrators will benefit, along with related system, database and reporting tool administrators who work with Noetix reporting.

What You Will Learn
You’ll learn detailed “tips and tricks” essential to the routine operation and administration of NoetixViews. Training will provide best practices for generating and maintaining NoetixViews for use in multiple instances, in addition to managing user access to NoetixViews through reporting tools.

Additional learnings include:

  • Implementation checklist
  • NoetixViews Installation
  • Best practices for NoetixViews maintenance and regeneration
  • Setting up query users
  • Using the Noetix Administrator tool
  • Overview of security setup and implementation
  • Control of prefixes and their use
  • Working with online help
  • Accessing SQL behind the views
  • Useful Noetix administration reports
  • Integration with query and reporting tools


  • Comfort and understanding NoetixViews content.
  • Working knowledge of the business applications which NoetixViews are used.
  • Database administration experience (i.e. Oracle software installation, how to create a database schema, expand tablespaces, grant system and object privileges, enroll new users, etc.)
  • Reporting tool administration experience (i.e. Oracle Discoverer, Noetix Platform, etc.)
  • Experience with underlying database technologies and tools
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