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Become proficient in the implementation of Magnitude MDM and DIW products in just two weeks through a series of online learning modules and hands-on exercises. Get all the benefits of the classroom, at a time and pace that suits your needs. Questions?  Check out our Virtual Training FAQ.

Fundamentals of Business Information Modeling & Intro to BIM

This course provides the foundation for all our other courses. It combines conceptual sessions on business modeling theory and practices with hands-on experience using Magnitude Business Information Modeler, or BIM. We want you to come away from the course with not only a good understanding of how to model something, but also why you might do it a certain way.


Comprehensive DIW

In this course, participants learn and practice all the tasks required to build, populate and report from a Magnitude data warehouse using Magnitude Dynamic Information Warehouse (DIW). The course familiarizes participants with the wide range of Magnitude data warehousing functionalities and highlights features to enable students to maximize the benefits of a Magnitude data warehouse. It begins with basic concepts and evolves into the more advanced features of building and operating a warehouse.


Comprehensive MDM

In this course you learn and practice all the tasks involved in browsing, importing, managing, authorizing and publishing data using Magnitude Master Data Management (MDM). Through a series of real-life scenarios, the course familiarizes you with a wide range of Magnitude MDM functionalities and highlights features to make you a better Magnitude Developer, Data Steward or Administrator. In the course, you are a Magnitude Developer in a fictitious company with an existing MDM implementation. As the organization’s requirements change, you learn to evolve and extend the existing sets of Master Data using Magnitude MDM and Magnitude Business Information Modeler (BIM).


Advanced Instructor-Led Training

The Advanced Business Modeling course is offered as a public class as well as on site.  Courses in the USA are classroom-based and run from our offices in Burlington, MA.  Courses in London are classroom-based and run from our offices in Southwark.

Advanced Business Modeling

In this course, participants learn a practical approach to Magnitude Business Modeling. They will be exposed to a range of modeling options which can be handled by Magnitude DIW and the situations when they might be used. (Variable depth hierarchies, attributes, many to many relationships, cross-dimensional relationships, dealing with plans/versions, roles and subtypes). The course gives participants extensive practice at modeling a variety of situations that bring out various issues.



Instructor-Led Training

Complimentary Tutorials

Get free access to video tutorials in the Virtual Classroom.

Topics include:

Driving Better BI with Kalido

Business Information Modeler

MDM Consumer

Universal Information Director

What’s New in Magnitude MDM 10 SP1

“Overall excellent! The course highlights both the basics of business modeling and also in-depth technical aspects of using Magnitude (Kalido) Business Information Modeler, giving room for a clear theory and also hands-on practical experience.”

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