Maximize user knowledge and your return on investment

Magnitude Software’s solutions are designed to manage your enterprise’s complex, sophisticated data environment. This brings deep layers of functionality for your employees to discover and master. With Magnitude training, you can ensure that they quickly acquire the skills they need to become confident and productive. Training is integral to users’ adoption of new applications and your ultimate customer success.

Courses share a hands-on approach. Participants use full working copies of Magnitude products to solve real-world problems, which maximizes learning and retention.

We apply the same rigor to designing and running courses as we do to developing new products. We regularly update our courses to incorporate both new software functionality and knowledge gained from customer project successes.

Magnitude Software Training Options

Virtual Classroom Training

Our Virtual Classroom gives students all the benefits of the classroom, at a time and pace that suits their needs. An online chat room lets them connect with an expert in our world-class support organization during normal business hours to get help and advice as they proceed. Even after students complete a training, the related course collateral in the Virtual Classroom is theirs forever. This online training format is especially effective for organizations whose users are dispersed across many locations.

Custom Instructor-Led Training

Comprehensive classroom training gives your employees the benefits of in-person instruction and interaction. Our highly skilled, certified instructors can train students either onsite at your organization, or at another location of your choice.

Online Tutorials

In addition to formal training, we also offer a library of free video tutorials covering a wide variety of topics.

Reporting & Analytics Training

NoetixViews Administration
NoetixViews Workbench
NoetixViews with SAP BusinessObjects
NoetixViews with IBM Cognos
NoetixViews with Oracle Business Intelligence EE


MDM & DIW Training

Fundamentals of Business Information Modeling
Comprehensive DIW
Comprehensive MDM
Advanced Business Modeling


Vendor Training

Third-party Vendor BusinessObjects Training


“I can say that it exceeded my expectations, the way it is done mixing theoretical part with the exercise in the virtual environment, it’s very helpful.”

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