Among other provisions, Magnitude license terms typically restrict usage of Magnitude DIW and Magnitude MDM software to a specified quantity of “Production Instances” and “Non-Production Instances.” Older Kalido license agreements may refer to a Production Instance as a “Kalido Facility” and Non-Production Instances as “Ancillary Instances.”


An “Instance” is a single connection between the Magnitude Application Server Software (“Magnitude Software”) and a Magnitude data repository (a “Magnitude Warehouse Database”). A “Production Instance” is an Instance that is used to support an operational business process, while Non-Production Instances generally support development, test or deployment in connection with a Production Instance.

What About Multiple Warehouses in One Environment?

It is technically possible to have multiple Magnitude Warehouse Databases physically housed inside one environment (for example, Oracle may permit the creation of multiple databases all housed inside one licensed Oracle environment).

In certain cases, it may be technically possible to use the same copy of the Magnitude Software to address more than one Magnitude Warehouse Database. Each unique connection between Magnitude Software and each Magnitude Warehouse Database is an Instance (Production or Non-Production) that must be authorized by a license agreement with Magnitude.

It makes no difference whether the separate Magnitude Warehouse Databases reside within one physical environment or more than one.

Written License Agreements and License Keys

Customer usage of Magnitude Software is always subject to the negotiated, written agreement terms – usually reflected in a Schedule for Software and Maintenance (SWM) and Master Ordering Agreement (MOA), or in analogous license agreements.

It may be technically or physically possible to use software for purposes, or in manners, that violate the written license terms (for example, use for business initiatives that are not permitted by contract, or by exceeding the licensed volume limitations). However, the written license agreement always controls the number of Instances and their permitted use, regardless of the physical capabilities of the software as activated by the License Key. Additional Production Instances may not be substituted for Non-Production Instances, even if the total number of Instances remains the same.

Each time that Magnitude Software is loaded onto a new server, the customer must get a License Key from Magnitude that permits the physical deployment of the software. Each License Key has certain parameters – including the ability to have two Instances by default in order to provide for a Production and Non- Production Instance. Even in this situation, the written agreement controls, regardless of what may be technically possible with the License Key and software capabilities at issue. When requesting a License Key for a new Instance, a customer is responsible for insuring that the total number of Instances does not exceed the number permitted under the applicable written license agreement.

Please contact Magnitude Support with any questions.


Some of the many possible scenarios of instances include:

Scenario A

  • 2 Production Instances
  • On 1 Enterprise database host (machine)
  • 2 Production Instances must be licensed from Magnitude

Scenario B

  • 1 Production Instance
  • 1 Non-Production Instance
  • On 1 Enterprise database host
  • 1 Production Instance and 1 Non-Production Instance must be licensed from Magnitude

Scenario C

  • 2 Production Instances
  • Inside 1 Enterprise database facility
  • On 1 Enterprise database host
  • 2 Production Instances must be licensed from Magnitude

Scenario D

  • 2 Production Instances
  • On 2 Enterprise database hosts
  • 2 Production Instances must be licensed from Magnitude




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