Leave the day-to-day details to us

For companies that lack the internal capacity to handle everyday administration of their Magnitude Software solutions, or companies that just prefer to outsource this function, we offer a comprehensive managed services program. Having a dedicated team of Magnitude Software experts enables you to focus on your core business while we take care of the operational details.

Managed Services Benefits

Reduced IT Requirements

Finding one in-house administrator with all the skills needed to manage your Magnitude Software solution is nearly impossible, and hiring a larger team is often cost-prohibitive. Partnering with Magnitude Software Managed Services means you’ll have a flexible team with a diverse skill set, which can deliver the exact expertise needed, for the exact amount of time needed in a cost-effective manner. Your Magnitude Software managed services will be administered by our experts, who have developed in-depth experience and best practices by working with our products at hundreds of global enterprises. So you can be assured of operational efficiency without adding the cost of internal staffing and training or challenge incurred with staff turnover.

Reduced Risks

The continuity of Magnitude Software Managed Services protects you against the risk of institutional knowledge loss associated with staff turnover or changing job responsibilities. By constantly monitoring your systems to identify potential issues before they impact users, we maximize system stability and uptime, reducing the risk of end users missing out on critical data when they need it most.

Consistent Upgrades

Our experts ensure your managed services system remains current, with all product releases scheduled, applied and tested. We also include system migrations where new hardware or operating system upgrades are required.

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“With Managed Services, we’ll be able to hit the ground running with our enterprise-wide extension project. I’ll be able to turn my focus back to running my IT organization and other systems that need my attention.”

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