Analytics to Answer Complex Strategic Business Questions

Strategic questions often require a deep dive analysis of organizational data, such as financial, sales, and manufacturing information over an extended period of time. A real-time look at sales for a retailer in a specific month might seem highly profitable, but a review of the entire year could yield a tremendously different answer.

Who are your biggest or most profitable customers? You might be surprised to learn that your largest customers might be some of your least profitable. What differentiates your most profitable customers from their less profitable counterparts and what strategies can you pursue to drive future growth and profitability?

Magnitude Noetix Analytics

Magnitude Noetix Analytics for Oracle E-Business Suite provides business analysts and executives with analytical and strategic business intelligence and performance management capabilities, including multi-dimensional analysis, trending, scorecards, dashboards, key performance indicators, and drill-down reports. Noetix Analytics supports these capabilities by creating a data warehouse foundation including an operational data store that integrates data from Oracle and non-Oracle applications to provide a unified view of corporate performance.

Noetix Analytics addresses the technical challenges of capturing and transforming transactional data into formats that support high performance query and analysis by non-technical users, and offloading reporting workloads from production transaction systems.

Subject Areas Covered

Oracle Financials
Discrete Manufacturing
Process Manufacturing
Working Capital

Additional content available for: Financial Statement Generator, Order Management, Inventory, Advanced Supply Chain Planning, Human Resources, Projects, Service, Incentive Compensation, and Quoting.

Magnitude RapidDecision

Magnitude RapidDecision for Oracle E-Business Suite maximizes the decision-making power of the world’s largest, most expansive data framework. Oracle E-Business Suite was designed for a fully globalized marketplace, and Magnitude’s RapidDecision data warehouse solution enables you to optimize the Oracle platform and examine every aspect of your enterprise in detail.

Oracle E-Business Suite contains almost any functional table you could ever want, but this breadth can make the platform difficult to implement in-house. Selecting and prioritizing features can feel like guesswork. Magnitude has leveraged its years of data warehousing experience to determine how to optimize each of our Oracle E-Business Suite data marts, saving you time and money. Additional modules can be added easily, allowing you to customize reports to your company’s unique needs.

Subject Areas Covered

Order Management



Magnitude Noetix Analytics

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“We eventually determined that a packaged analytics data warehouse solution would be best for our needs and selected Noetix due to their metadata-driven technology. Noetix also offered the ability to provide content that integrates with the Oracle Business Intelligence platform and other BI reporting tools we have in place, which was critical to our enterprise data management strategy.”

Kevin Loo
Director of Data Architecture
ARAMARK Uniform Services

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