RapidDecision for SAP HANA

Magnitude RapidDecision for SAP HANA is certified by the SAP HANA Center for Excellence to bring you a comprehensive and flexible technology that seamlessly extracts and transforms 100% of transactional Oracle ERP data (and other non-SAP data), moves it to the SAP HANA platform, and updates it continuously – providing you with meaningful HANA views of your data. With real-time information you can analyze and report on the most current data, versus data that’s hours, days or even weeks old.

Minimal Impact on IT Systems and Teams

Experience continuous data updates, without impacting the performance of your existing IT systems, thanks to an implementation approach and patent-pending algorithms that ensure your network performance, production databases and ERP systems are minimally impacted. Magnitude’s end-to-end solution for SAP HANA leverages SAP Lumira to enable you to easily perform self-service, ad hoc query, and analysis with little or no support from IT using pre-built HANA views and analytics tools.

Get the best value for your investment with the lowest risk solution available on the market today. Avoid lengthy, risky consulting projects with the fastest implementation in the industry and our fixed price deployment guarantee. We’ll get you up and running in as little as 10 days per subject area, at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches – saving you 6–8 months of internal time and resources per subject area, on average.

Storyboards for Leading ERPs

Our SAP Lumira solutions include storyboards for JD Edwards Enterprise One, Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, and SAP ERP Central Component – either individually or combined – to give you a single view of all your data sources. In addition, we offer HANA as a data source for traditional BusinessObjects universes, which allows SAP BusinessObjects universe users to evolve to SAP HANA views using SAP visualization tools at a pace that makes sense for your business.

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