RapidDecision for PeopleSoft

Maximize PeopleSoft’s potential for individual insights

Magnitude RapidDecision for PeopleSoft combines PeopleSoft’s ability to catalog detailed, employee-level data with RapidDecision’s power to translate that data into accurate reports, tailored to your exact specifications.

PeopleSoft primarily focuses on human resources and financials, and tracks large volumes of data on individuals. The platform is highly flexible, with customizability literally built into the structure via tree tables. The breadth and flexibility that make PeopleSoft a powerful tool can also make it difficult to calibrate to your needs, and that’s where Magnitude comes in.

Magnitude has the in-depth knowledge of PeopleSoft needed to understand when certain filters are required during reporting to prevent cross products. Cross products occur when a table contains duplicate data for more than one filtering condition, and not including those filters will cause incorrect data to be returned. RapidDecision’s prebuilt-yet-customizable solutions for PeopleSoft makes accurate reporting easier for users by incorporating required filters out of the box.

Subject Areas Covered

Human Resources

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“Amway’s data marts need to be ‘purpose-neutral.’ As our data requirement evolve, we continually find that RapidDecision has already anticipated our needs and the data is waiting on us, every time!”

Doug McClure
General Manager,
Financial Reporting

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