Reduce the Effort and Expense with Creating and Maintaining a Business Objects Universe

Many business analysts use Business Objects to access Oracle application data and create operational reports. Their success in accessing and quickly creating custom reports is directly dependent on not only the technical skills of the analyst, but on the set up and maintenance of the Business Objects environment as well.

By automatically generating the Business Objects environment, Magnitude provides administrators and non-technical business analysts with faster, more cost-effective access to Oracle application data, delivering an integrated reporting solution that immediately maximizes your investment in Oracle and Business Objects.

Magnitude “powers up” Business Objects by:

  • Providing the tools and technology that simplify access to Oracle application data
  • Empowering Business Objects users to answer their own operational questions without IT assistance

Automatically Populate Business Objects Universes with NoetixViews

Magnitude Noetix Generator enables Business Objects users to more effectively access Oracle E-Business Suite application data and create custom reports without IT assistance. By automating the process of populating the Business Objects universe with Magnitude NoetixViews, report writers can more quickly and easily develop their own reports using their reporting tool of choice.

With Magnitude Noetix Generator, administrators benefit by automating the process necessary to build and maintain Business Objects universes by incorporating Magnitude NoetixViews for Oracle E-Business Suite into the reporting application. Magnitude Noetix Generator then automatically exports the generated universes into the Business Objects environment, significantly reducing the time and effort required for implementing a true user-friendly reporting solution.


For Business Objects Administrators

  • Automatic Creation of BusinessObjects Classes and Objects
    Within minutes, administrators can automatically populate a universe in the BusinessObjects Universe Designer with the latest Magnitude NoetixViews content.
  • Automatic Population of Business Objects Environment
    Administrators can automatically publish the generated classes into the Business Objects environment.
  • Automatic Creation of BusinessObjects Security Groups
    By grouping BusinessObjects classes by Magnitude NoetixViews roles, security setup is greatly simplified. Administrators can easily grant these roles to Business Objects users, giving them access to only the views they are authorized to use.

For Business Objects Users

  • Descriptive Magnitude NoetixViews Content
    Descriptive information about each view is generated into the users’ reporting tool, providing users with the familiar business language they know and understand.
  • Intuitive Organization of BusinessObjects
    Based on the familiar organization found within the Magnitude NoetixViews Help File, report authors can easily navigate BusinessObjects classes, objects, and hierarchies.
  • Predefined Joins and View Relationships
    The Magnitude Noetix Generator automatically defines the joins between related Magnitude NoetixViews, providing users with a greater breadth and depth of information retrieval.
  • Hundreds of Answers “Out-of-the-Box”
    Users can begin answering their business questions immediately by leveraging the pre-built report templates available to them in Web Intelligence.



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