Achieve Self-service Data Discovery

Automate the integration between Oracle E-Business Suite and QlikView

QlikView is a business discovery platform empowering business users to drive innovative decision making. The product provides the ability to consolidate data from multiple data sources, explore associations in data, collaborate for social decision making, and visualize data with state of the art graphics – all with incredible speed through an associative in-memory data engine.

Magnitude Noetix Analytics and Magnitude NoetixViews are automatically integrated with QlikView to provide a powerful solution for Oracle E-Business Suite customers. As a business partner of both Qlik and Oracle, Magnitude provides the expertise that quickly links QlikView with the real-time operational information and with data warehouse based analytics from Magnitude.

Magnitude “powers up” QlikView by:

  • Providing pre-built models, tools and technology that simplify access to Oracle applications data.
  • Empowering QlikView users to answer their own operational questions without IT assistance.
  • Protecting established reports and dashboards from application upgrades and business changes.
  • Enforcing Oracle E-Business Suite security or custom security models even when the data resides within the QlikView in-memory engine.

QlikView offers a fantastic user experience for data analysis but there are significant challenges that are not addressed when it comes to provisioning the data. Oracle applications data is complex and requires significant SQL development and QlikView scripting. Usually this scripting is too complex for non-technical individuals and often becomes a task for IT. There is often not enough bandwidth in IT to service the growing demand for data that information discovery tools require for success. Magnitude pushes the ability to provision the data back into the hands of the business users with packaged models for simplified data access, pre-built SQL and dynamically generated QlikView scripts.

Automatically Integrates Enterprise Application Data with QlikView

Magnitude Noetix Generator enables QlikView users to more effectively access Oracle E-Business Suite application data and data warehouse information, making it easy to create custom reports without IT assistance.

With Noetix Generator, administrators benefit by automating the process necessary to provide users with secure access to their application data, significantly reducing the time and effort required to deploy a user-friendly reporting solution for the enterprise.


For QlikView Administrators

  • Simplify Security Implementation
    Using the Noetix ODBC driver, users can access Oracle E-Business Suite data using their existing active directory credentials instead of requiring database accounts. Data security is also automatically integrated into QlikView application (QVW) files.
  • Noetix Connector for QlikView Desktop
    Using Noetix Connector, administrators can ensure that their business users get consistent, reliable, and secure access to their enterprise application data.
  • Simplify Enterprise Deployment
    With Magnitude Noetix Generator for QlikView, enterprise deployments of QlikView that feature server-based QlikView data (QVD) files can be managed more effectively. Noetix Generator will automatically generate QVD files and will integrate data security into those QVD files. Once QVD files have been generated, Noetix Connector will automatically redirect new QlikView applications to the QVDs, providing administrators with an easier transition from departmental to enterprise QlikView use.

For QlikView Users

  • Noetix Connector for QlikView Desktop
    Noetix Generator for QlikView includes a custom Noetix Connector that allows end users to select the fields to be used in their QlikView applications. Those fields can be chosen either from Magnitude NoetixViews or from Magnitude Noetix Analytics. Noetix Connector will also guide users through defining filters and will automatically qualify columns in the application to ensure that joins are done appropriately.
  • Simplify Data Access
    Noetix Connector for QlikView enables QlikView users to connect to Oracle E-Business Suite using their existing active directory credentials, eliminating the need to wait for IT to provide database credentials or to create data exports to import into QlikView.
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