Quickly Bridge the Gap Between Oracle EBS Data and Developing Reports Using Microsoft BI

Microsoft BI is a fast-growing BI platform, consisting of components from three widely used Microsoft Products: SQL Server, SharePoint and Office. Because those Microsoft products are relatively inexpensive, pervasive, and familiar, Microsoft BI offers an attractive option for customers looking for a BI platform.

Magnitude Noetix Analytics and Magnitude NoetixViews can be integrated with Microsoft BI to provide a powerful option for Oracle E-Business Suite customers. Certified as both a Microsoft and Oracle solution provider, Magnitude provides the expertise that quickly links Microsoft’s BI tools with real-time operational information and with data warehouse based analytics. In addition, Magnitude makes it easier to use SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), PerformancePoint, PowerPivot and the rest of the Microsoft BI suite to access Oracle application data.

Magnitude “powers up” Microsoft BI by:

  • Providing the tools and technology that simplify access to Oracle application data.
  • Empowering Microsoft BI users to answer their own operational questions without IT assistance.
  • Protecting established reports and dashboards from application upgrades and business changes.

Automatically populate Microsoft BI with Magnitude NoetixViews and Magnitude Noetix Analytics content

Magnitude Noetix Generator enables Microsoft BI users to more effectively access Oracle E-Business Suite application data and create custom reports without IT assistance. By automating the process of building report models and cubes, Magnitude accelerates the time to value for Microsoft BI deployment.

Using Magnitude Noetix Generator, Microsoft BI Administrators benefit by automating the process necessary to build and maintain SSRS report models with Magnitude NoetixViews and Magnitude Noetix Analytics. As a result, Administrators are more quickly able to publish these models for use by report writers, saving significant time and expense.


For Microsoft BI Administrators

  • Automatic Creation of SSAS Cubes
    Administrators can automatically generate SSAS Cubes with the latest Magnitude Noetix Analytics content. In addition, the appropriate measures and dimensions, including dimension hierarchies, are created. A cube is created for each the star schema of the data mart and each modified star schema of the operational data store in the Magnitude Noetix Analytics data warehouse.
  • Automatic Creation of SSRS Report Models
    Administrators can automatically generate SSRS Report Models with the latest Magnitude NoetixViews or Magnitude Noetix Analytics content. Report Model entities are created for each dimension and fact table in the Analytics relationship set or every view in a NoetixViews role.
  • Automatic Creation of Security Roles
    Magnitude Noetix Generator automatically creates roles to govern access to the cubes that are generated. Administrators can easily grant these roles to Microsoft BI users, giving them access to only the objects they are authorized to use.

For Microsoft BI Users

  • Fully Documented Report Models and Cubes
    Magnitude Noetix Generator provides data definitions for all the data elements contained in the report models and cubes that it creates. Descriptive details are included for each measure, each dimension, and each field within those measures and dimensions.
  • Pre-defined Joins and View Relationships
    Magnitude Noetix Generator automatically defines the joins between related tables and views, providing users with the ability to build reports spanning functional areas. When used with Magnitude NoetixViews, these relationships connect individual views that can be combined into a single report. With Magnitude Noetix Analytics, the joins are defined among the tables that make up the star schemas of the data mart and the modified star schemas of the operational data store.
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