Noetix Generator can help improve your return on investment for Microsoft PowerBI

Microsoft’s Power BI is a fantastic data visualization tool, but many people fail to realize that before you can get started with Power BI, you must first develop a business-friendly data access layer for the source application. Sometimes this can be a significant effort depending on the complexity of the source data model. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such as Oracle E-business Suite and JD Edwards, contain complex data models with thousands of tables that are notoriously difficult to report from.

Noetix Generator for Power BI helps to integrate Noetix or Rapid Decisions products to quickly and cost-effectively translate complex ERP data models into a familiar, easy-to-use semantic layer, providing the ideal reporting foundation for Power BI. Take a quick look at this short webcast to see how Noetix Generator for Power BI can help you.

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