Significantly Improve Deployment and Usability of Information Builders WebFOCUS

For over a decade, Magnitude has been the leader in Oracle enterprise application reporting, developing patented tools and technologies that reduce the effort and expense in rolling out Oracle reporting applications.

For many Oracle business analysts and professionals, Magnitude is the number one choice for providing robust, user friendly access to Oracle application data. Without Magnitude, they must continually ask IT for the data links and technical know-how to link them with the operational data they require.

Magnitude “powers up” WebFOCUS by:

  • Providing pre-built applications, tools and technology that simplify access to Oracle application data.
  • Empowering Oracle users to answer their own operational questions without IT assistance.
  • Protecting established reports from application upgrades and business changes.
  • Enforcing Oracle E-Business Suite or custom security when Oracle application data is queried through WebFOCUS.

Automate the Process of Populating a WebFOCUS application with Magnitude NoetixViews

Magnitude Noetix Generator enables Information Builders WebFOCUS users to more effectively access Oracle E-Business Suite application data and create custom reports without IT assistance. By automating the process of populating WebFOCUS applications with Magnitude NoetixViews, report writers can more quickly and easily develop their own reports using InfoAssist.

With Magnitude Noetix Generator, administrators benefit by automating the process necessary to build and maintain WebFOCUS applications, significantly reducing the time and effort required to deploy a user-friendly reporting solution.


For WebFOCUS Administrators

  • Automatic Creation of WebFOCUS Synonyms
    Using Magnitude Noetix Generator, administrators can generate master and access files that describe views as synonyms for WebFOCUS applications.
  • Automatic Creation of WebFOCUS Business Views
    Using Magnitude Noetix Generator, administrators can generate Magnitude Noetix Analytics and Magnitude NoetixViews content into business views. Generated business views group related views together to enable cross-functional reporting.
  • Automatic Creation of WebFOCUS Applications
    Magnitude Noetix Generator organizes business views into WebFOCUS applications based on functional subject area to simplify report authoring and security.
  • Support for Oracle E-Business Suite Security
    Magnitude Noetix Generator automatically configures synonyms it creates to support organization and application-specific E-Business Suite row level security, ensuring the protection of sensitive data.
  • Fully Documented Enterprise Information Model
    Magnitude Noetix Generator provides data definitions for all fields contained in generated WebFOCUS applications. This enables everyone to operate from a shared understanding of the business terminology.

For WebFOCUS Users

  • Intuitive Organization of WebFOCUS Applications
    Based on the familiar organization found within the Magnitude Noetix Analytics and Magnitude NoetixViews help systems, report authors can easily navigate WebFOCUS applications to find the data they are looking for.
  • Pre-defined View Relationships
    Magnitude Noetix Generator automatically defines the joins between related views, providing users with the ability to build reports spanning functional areas.
  • Pre-defined List of Value Mappings
    Magnitude Noetix Generator automatically applies List of Value mappings defined in Magnitude NoetixViews to the WebFOCUS synonyms it creates, enabling prompt lists to load quickly in InfoAssist.



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