Why do you need a data warehouse?

The experts all agree – a data warehouse is the necessary foundation for a true Business Intelligence solution. Almost all sophisticated, mature BI systems are based on one. The alternative to creating a data warehouse is to use data accessed directly from the applications that create it. Direct access of data from applications creates many problems:

  • Performance of your ERP applications can be seriously degraded.
  • The security of production data can be compromised.
  • Reports need to be re-written each time applications are upgraded.
  • You may have more than one version or instance of your ERP running.
  • Data fields have incomprehensible names.

Reporting and analysis can only be done properly by experts.
A Rapid Decision data warehouse eliminates all these problems while offering many other advantages.

Why doesn’t everyone already have a data warehouse?

Among very large organizations use of data warehouses is almost universal. More modestly sized organizations tend not to have one yet because historically, building a data warehouse has been time-consuming, expert-intensive and expensive. Until recently, the cost of hardware to support one was also relatively high. As a result, only a fraction of ERP customers currently have a data warehouse. Some have tried to build one themselves and have failed. Others installed one of the early and incomplete data warehouse offerings and have lived with their limitations. As a result, most still put up with the problems of directly accessing data from their ERP applications.

Fortunately, for the hundreds of our customers who have already discovered RapidDecision, they do have a fast, easy and cost effective way of obtaining the data warehouse they need. For them, the long wait is over – and, through RapidDecision, customers of any size can now afford a data warehouse.

Are all data warehouses the same?

The term data warehouse can refer to many things. In practice, a data warehouse is only worth having if it includes important features such as:

  • Support for all ERP applications, including ones you might add in the future.
  • Support for multiple sources, releases and instances.
  • Easy-to-understand field names that never change.
  • Data organized to optimize reporting and analysis.
  • Near real-time synchronization with production applications.
  • The ability to easily integrate data from other sources.
  • Simple, fast installation.
  • Easy operation and support.
  • Special pricing for smaller installations.

Only RapidDecision offers all this and more.

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