The RapidDecision Difference

Data, data everywhere – but no complete view or meaningful analysis in sight.

Sound familiar?

Organizations have massive volumes of data that’s often hard to understand or trapped in disparate systems – making it next to impossible to provide perform meaningful analysis or get a complete view of the overall business. Yet hidden within all this data are nuggets of information waiting to be turned into valuable insights that could potentially transform the business.

At Magnitude Software, we are driven to give companies the ability to automatically access critical business information. Information they can use for reporting and analysis to make better, more informed decisions – and improve their business.

Why RapidDecision?

RapidDecision gives you a single and complete view of your data, and delivers the data in a form makes sense to end-users.

Unique, Innovative Technology

  • Benefit from our patent-pending, unified data model, which integrates and rationalizes data extracted from one or more ERP and non-ERP sources and transforms it into easy-to-understand formats.
  • Access 100% of your transactional data with our patent-pending technology, so users will always have the necessary data to support your evolving reporting and analysis needs.
  • Get continuous data updates, with minimal impact on your network and system performance, through our unique implementation approach and patent-pending algorithms.

Rapid, Guaranteed Implementation

  • Get RapidDecision up-and-running in as little as 10 days per subject area – not months or years – so you can get critical information into your users’ hands, faster.
  • Take advantage of the industry’s only fixed-fee implementation guarantee, with no cost surprises – ever.

Best Value, Lowest Risk

  • Enjoy maximum flexibility, with all the functions and capabilities needed for the most sophisticated and experienced users as well as the accessibility needed for companies that lack the IT skills to support a successful BI implementation.
  • Acquire a high-performance solution at a fraction of the cost of other options.
  • Save countless development hours and costs with 1000s of prebuilt mappings and transformations per subject area, prebuilt dashboards and reports, and building blocks to create metrics and analytics to suit your business needs.
  • Control expenses and avoid unexpected surprises with guaranteed support for all upgrades via our ERP upgrade protection plan, which results in the lowest total cost of ownership of any solution currently on the market.
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“Amway’s data marts need to be ‘purpose-neutral.’ As our data requirement evolve, we continually find that RapidDecision has already anticipated our needs and the data is waiting on us, every time!”

Doug McClure
General Manager,
Financial Reporting

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