Magnitude Rapid Marts are a set of intuitive, prebuilt data marts that enable you to quickly perform comprehensive analysis and reporting on specific business areas.

Rapid Marts extract data from SAP ECC, and deliver data models for the extracted data as well as relevant semantic layers and reports. Each Rapid Mart is based on a different SAP subject area and provides 15-20 customizable reports that business users can easily access without IT assistance. Rapid Marts can also be linked together to support specific analyses and scale with your needs.

Whether used for standalone departmental reporting or consolidated enterprise reporting and analytics, our Rapid Marts solution helps you maximize the decision-making power of your SAP ECC data.

We offer Rapid Marts for 22 business areas:


General Ledger: Posting audits and control, financial statement analysis, cost of sales accounting, profit center accounting, financial hierarchies, and new and old GL support.

Accounts Receivable: Aged receivables, configurable periods, largest balances, customer payments, clearing versus invoices, dunning and credit, short-term cash flow and department workload.

Accounts Payable: Open payables, configurable periods, payment history, PO/invoice reconciliation, checks issued, short-term cash outflow, department workload, financial effectiveness and purchasing document assignment.

Cost Center: Cost allocations, plan-actual-variance, cost center hierarchies, internal orders, fiscal and reporting periods, cost commitment analysis and cost details planning.

Fixed Assets: Asset balance and transaction detail analysis, asset trend and summary analysis, post asset depreciation analysis, asset performance, fixed asset value, public sector fund and grant center.


Sales: Bookings, returns, lifetime sales, delivery efficiency, delivery service levels, margins, discounting, backlogs, shipment handling and sales order pricing.

Inventory: Daily trends, stock turnover/outages, batch management, inventory allocation, stock level optimization, expenditure, replenishment, make-to-order status, inventory valuation, and historical daily balances.

Purchasing: PO ranked listings, cycle times, purchasing performance, PO history, PO status, vendor performance, price analysis, exception reporting, purchasing document confirmation, and PO-related partner analysis.


Plant Maintenance: Bad actors, lifetime performance, maintenance hours, planning efficiency, material consumption, damage analysis, downtime, MTBR and MTTR.

Production Planning: Bill of material explosion, routing explosion, where used, capacity planning, cost analysis, yield analysis, lead time, MRP requirements and historical BOM analysis.

Project Systems: Project costs, plan-actual-variance, earned value, progress analysis, material reservations, capacity planning, project schedules and project elements.

Human Capital Management

Human Resources: Employee benefits, eligibility and enrollment, salary comparisons, EEO comparable worth, employee pay history, turnover analysis, employee events and vacation reporting.

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