Magnitude Rapid Marts

Supercharge your decision-making with Magnitude Rapid Marts – a set of intuitive, prebuilt data marts based on SAP ECC subject areas. We offer 22 Rapid Marts in the areas of Finance, Operations, Manufacturing and Human Capital Management.

We offer Rapid Marts for 22 business areas;
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Rapid Marts enable you to rapidly access transactional data stored in SAP’s ERP application for flexible and comprehensive reporting, query, and analysis functionality.

Designed for either standalone departmental reporting or consolidated enterprise reporting and analytics, Rapid Marts will help you maximize the value of our SAP ECC data.

How They Work

Magnitude Rapid Marts extract data from SAP ECC, and deliver data models for the extracted data as well as relevant semantic layers and reports. Each Rapid Mart provides between 15-20 customizable reports.

Rapid Marts can also be linked together to support specific analyses, such as customer profitability, marketing effectiveness, and employee productivity, which require a combination of data from different modules.

Rapid Implementation

Rapid Marts for SAP ECC are prepackaged and can be implemented in weeks, rather than months, with a fixed price implementation. Each Rapid Mart incorporates best practices and provides easily modifiable templates, and additional Rapid Marts can be added as your needs evolve. A component-based framework enables analysis across selected business areas by combining different packages.

Rapid Marts work in conjunction with SAP Data Integrator and SAP Business Objects BI, and run on SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle RDBMS.

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