Broadest Pre-Built BI Coverage Available for Oracle E-Business Suite

The Magnitude NoetixViews Operational Reporting Solution allows you to implement a true reporting environment in the least amount of time, and at the lowest cost. With business views tailored to your unique application environment, NoetixViews delivers the fastest time to answers of any operational BI solution in the market. The patented solution delivers hundreds of pre-built reports empowering business professionals with the ability to answer their own questions without waiting on IT for assistance.

For technical professionals responsible for maintaining the infrastructure in an organization, Magnitude offers enterprise reporting and application solutions that quickly link existing BI tools and applications with real-time operational data. Auto-generation technology speeds the process of populating reporting tools and worksheets with the business content necessary to gain meaningful business intelligence in less time and cost.


NoetixViews features and benefits include:

Simplified Access to Data
Noetix puts the power of enterprise reporting into the hands of the people who need it most. Through business views, which provide a way to look at the data without all the complexity of how the data is stored, you can create your own operational reports and minimize your reliance on IT.

Customer Configuration-specific Content
Noetix incorporates the specific configurations of your enterprise application automatically, tailoring business views and pre-built reports to your organization without extensive effort and expense. Terminology unique to your business is displayed upfront, enabling non-technical users to create their own reports with little or no training.

Upgrade Protection
Reports developed directly against an application database are vulnerable to breakage when the application is upgraded, introducing new data table structures. Reports developed against NoetixViews however are insulated and protected from these changes, providing metadata consistency and uninterrupted reporting for business users.

Coverage: The list below identifies nearly 50 Oracle E-Business Suite applications supported by Magnitude NoetixViews.

Financial Applications

Whether you are trying to accelerate your period-end close process, perform sub-ledger reconciliations, manage expenses, improve cash flows, or track projects, you need access to your financial data. Magnitude NoetixViews provides immediate access to Oracle’s financial applications, including hundreds of out-of-the-box reports as well as an ad hoc query tool that quickly enables you to develop new reports in an instant.

Whether you are trying to accelerate your period-end close process, perform sub-ledger reconciliations, manage expenses, improve cash flows, or track projects, you need access to your financial data. Magnitude NoetixViews provides immediate access to Oracle’s financial applications, including Oracle Release 12 Subledger Accounting.  With hundreds of out-of-the-box reports as well as an ad hoc query tool, Magnitude enables you to quickly develop new reports in an instant.


Includes more than 190 views covering areas such as balances, budgets, journal entries, parent-child hierarchies, invoices and invoice aging, payments, suppliers, customers, receipts, receivable balances, asset assignments, depreciation details, unbooked assets, cash transfers, and reconciliation.

Views for: Oracle General Ledger, Oracle Payables, Oracle Receivables, Oracle Assets, Oracle Cash Management, Oracle Subledger Accounting, Oracle iExpenses, and Oracle Financials Interface Tables

Views (partial list)

Budget to Actuals
Returns data on budgets, GL account balances, variances. Used for creating financial variance reports.

Invoice Hold Details
Returns payables invoice hold information, including invoice details, purchase order details, shipment and supplier information.

Customer Account Summary
Returns customer receivables balances, including current balance, past due balance, over credit limit amount, and more. Displays receivables aging information broken into seven buckets.

Unassigned Assets
Returns data on assets not assigned a distribution.

Reconciliation Lines
Returns data on reconciled bank statement lines.

SLA Journal Lines
Returns details about the subledger accounting (SLA) journal lines, plus accounting event details, third party information, and GL posting information.

Answers (partial list)

  • What are the budgeted and actual amounts for a specified period?
  • What are my asset account balances for a given time period?
  • What are the accounts receivable aging buckets in functional currency?
  • What are the amounts transferred from multiple bank accounts to a bank account for a period?
  • Other pre-built delivered reports and KPIs include Debt Ratio, Return on Assets, Debt to Equity Ratio, and Return on Equity.
  • What are the total subledger journal amounts by accounting event classes for a ledger within an accounting period?

US Federal Financials

Includes 35 views and associated answers that enable effective monitoring of operations and analysis of results for users of Federal Financials. Delivers full coverage for setups, including all budget levels, treasury symbols, and USSGL transaction codes, as well as the flow of data from the preparation of budget requests to actual spending, to subledger details for all commitments, obligations, and expenditures. Also includes over 150 additional views and their answers for general ledger, payables, purchasing, and receivables reporting.

Views for: Oracle Federal Financials/Oracle Federal Administrator, Oracle General Ledger, Oracle Payables, Oracle Purchasing, Oracle Contract Lifecycle Management, and Oracle Receivables

Views (partial list)

Funds Distributions, Budget Appropriations
Query federal financial fund distributions and budget appropriations and their resultant balances and transaction details in the general ledger.

Purchasing Commitments and Obligations, Payables Expenditures
Query funds available balances and drill to their source commitment, obligation, and expenditure details in the purchasing and payables subledgers.

Interagency Transfers
Track interagency transfers at the agency and invoice level.

Answers (partial list)

  • Which payment batches are confirmed by the U.S. Department of Treasury?
  • Which checks do not have payment transaction codes?
  • What are the customer invoice overdue statuses?
  • What are the funds available balances for a given fund? For a given Treasury Symbol?

Asset Lifecycle Management

Includes 12 views covering Work Requests, Work Orders, Costing Details and Asset Details, (with associated information and hierarchies).

Views for: Oracle Enterprise Asset Management

Views (partial list)

Work Requests
Distinct views that return data on Work Requests created through the Oracle Create Work Request screen.

Work Orders
Work Order information for either normal or rebuild orders showing aging, completion status, past due data and more..

Asset Information
Asset contain a massive amount of data and this View allow for detailed reporting against most information on an asset including Category, Locator, Type, Cost.

WO Cost Details
Returns data on Work Orders including Estimated Costs, WIP details, Cost Types and including pre-generated fields such as Cost Variance.

Answers (partial list)

  • What is the actual and planned downtime of an asset or a rebuildable item?
  • Which are the child and parent assets or rebuildable items of a top asset or a rebuildable item?
  • What are the cost details of a work order?
  • Which materials are required to carry out a work order?
  • Which resources are required to carry out a work order?


Includes 30 views covering proposals, multi-funded projects, awards management, funds control, costing, and billing.

Views for: Oracle Grants Accounting and Oracle Grants Proposal

Views (partial list)

Cost and Revenue Distributions
Distinct views that return data on cost distributions, and information about expenditure and event revenues.

Funding Details
Returns data about the funding allocation details of sponsored projects.

Returns data about draft invoices.

Answers (partial list)

  • What are the budgeted, actual, and encumbrance totals of quantities, raw costs and burdened costs for a combination of an award, a project, and a task over various General Ledger periods?
  • What is the total revenue from various projects for an award in a Project Accounting Period?
  • What are the distribution values of various awards in each funding pattern for a project?


Includes 68 views that cover all aspects of both external and internal project cost allocation such as projects, resources, tasks, expenditures, revenues, budgets, work plans, financial plans, resources, control items, and user-defined attributes.

Views for: Oracle Project Costing, Oracle Project Billing, Oracle Project Contracts, and Oracle Project Management

Views (partial list)

Cost and Revenue Distributions
Distinct views that return cost and revenue distribution information tied to the GL.

Project and Task Revenues
Distinct views that return revenue information at either the project or task level.

Returns detailed expenditure information charged to either projects or tasks.

Cost Budgets and Actuals
Returns baselined cost budget information at the budgetary control level, and the actual expenditures incurred at those levels.

Financial Plan Impacts
Returns data about the financial impacts due to project change requests and change orders.

Answers (partial list)

  • What are the period-to-date details of expenditures for a project by expenditure category and type within a task for a given period?
  • What are the total amounts (funding and agreement and accrued) along with number of agreements and funded projects for a customer?
  • What are the account distribution and invoice details for the expenditures in a project?
  • What are the expenditure details for an employee for a given project by organization hierarchy level?
  • What are the workplan tasks that are not on track for a project?

Supply Chain Applications

Supply chain professionals are constantly trying to balance costs, inventory levels, and the ability to fill customer orders in a timely manner. Noetix enables you to access real-time procurement, production, planning, inventory, warehousing, transportation, and sales order information to make the most informed decisions to maximize revenue and gross margins.


The NoetixViews for Oracle Purchasing includes 58 views covering requisitions, purchase orders, contracts, on-hold invoices, shipments, receipts, sourcing rules, and approved suppliers, thus offering rapid access to information needed for managing the efficiency of the Purchasing processes including both Buyer and Vendor performance monitoring.

Views for: Oracle Purchasing, Oracle Contract Lifecycle Management, and Oracle iProcurement

Views (partial list)

Purchase Order Lines
Returns line detail data for Purchase Orders.

Purchase Order Invoices
Returns data about Payables invoices matched to POs, including invoice distributions and matching information for each PO shipment.

Returns data about item receipts, including receipt location, supplier and shipment data.

Answers (partial list)

  • What are the savings of each purchase order item from a specific vendor during a given period of time?
  • What is the acceptance performance of our vendors?
  • What is the value of purchases spent with minority vendors in a given period?
  • What has been released for a given blanket PO?

Order Management

NoetixViews for Oracle Order Management provides business users with an end-to-end view of the customer fulfillment and service process, from creation and maintenance of sales orders, computation of pricing and discounts to planning, packing and shipping of deliveries for order fulfillment. NoetixViews for Oracle Order Management offers rapid access to all information needed for managing the efficiency and completeness of the sales order process. Typical areas covered by the views include internal and external orders, agreements, holds, returned material authorizations, comparison of costs and prices, and matching of orders and invoices.

Views for: Order Management

Views (partial list)

Sales Order Lines
Returns data on the order line level, including the item ordered and its selling price. The view also shows the quantity ordered, shipped, cancelled, invoiced, fulfilled and available to invoice.

Drop Shipments
Returns data on the orders which are drop shipped (the supplier provides the items directly to the customer), including purchase requisition and purchase order details.

Returns data on booked orders that have not shipped.

Answers (partial list)

  • What is the selling price together with costs and margins for items shipped in a given period?
  • What are the invoices for a given order?
  • What items are currently on hold?

Advanced Planning & Scheduling

Includes over 30 views and associated answers designed specifically to enable reporting in all the key Advanced Supply Chain Planning functional areas including supply and demand information, exceptions, pegging, and collected data. For the first time, Advanced Supply Chain Planning users now have easy, flexible access to important information such as forecast consumption details, as well as the horizontal plans pivoted by daily, weekly and period buckets, to name a few.

Views for: Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning

Views (partial list)

Daily, Weekly and Period Plans
These views offer innovative and flexible access to horizontal plan information that goes beyond what is possible using the planner’s workbench. Access plan supply and demand quantities by plan, item, item category, organization, and planner.

Forecast Consumptions
This view returns information on forecast consumptions within a plan. Use this view for identifying forecasts yet to be satisfied, and thereby, preventing duplicity in planning.

Demand Details
This view returns information on the demand details of a plan. Use this view for getting information on both planned and collected demands from various sources.

Late Order Exceptions
This view returns information on the late order exception details generated by a plan.

Answers (partial list)

  • What are the supply and demand quantities for a given plan and item category?
  • What are the consumption details for a given planned forecast?
  • What are the exceptions for which the action was not taken for a plan?
  • What are the penalty cost details for late orders?
  • What is the purchasing commitment to each supplier for a plan?

Discrete Manufacturing

Includes more than 140 distinct views plus one view for each item category for Discrete Manufacturing covering forecasts, schedules, sourcing rules, bills, routings, resources, jobs, categories, items, onhand quantities, inventory demand, comparisons, cost details, and quality collection plan results.

Views for: Oracle Master Scheduling/MRP, Oracle Bill of Materials, Oracle Work in Process, Oracle Costing, Oracle Inventory, and Oracle Quality

Views (partial list)

MRP Plan in Daily Buckets
Returns on what the plan predicts the inventory will be for an item by day; including demand, supply quantity, safety stock quantity, and available to promise quantity.

MRP Forecast Consumptions
Returns data on the sales orders that have consumed the forecast as updated by the Oracle Planning Manager during forecast consumption.

WIP Requirement Costs
Returns data on the costs of the material requirements for discrete jobs. The costs are available for any cost type so that planned jobs can be costed at the level that will be in effect when the job is released.

BOM Bill Onhand Items
Returns data on the onhand inventory for the component items for a single level of the bill of materials.

Subinventory Values
Returns data on the on-hand quantity and extended value of each item in a subinventory

QA Collection Plan Results
For analyzing the element results for each run of a collection plan

Answers (partial list)

  • Which discrete jobs does MRP recommend expediting?
  • Which items does MRP predict will have a shortage?
  • What are the planned items and their lead times for a given plan designator?
  • What is the Work in Process cost incurred and relieved on a given job?
  • How does actual resource usage compare to capacity?
  • What is the invoice cost compared to the stored unburdened cost?
  • What are the items that raised exceptions in the MRP planning process for a given plan designator?
  • Which results are valid for a collection plan?

Process Manufacturing

Includes 45 views covering formulas, routings, batch details, bucketed material activity, inventory transactions, item cost, item cost rollup, lot genealogy, and quality.

Views for: Oracle Product Development, Oracle Process Execution, Oracle Process Planning, Oracle Process Manufacturing Financials, Oracle Process Manufacturing Inventory

Views (partial list)

Quality Control Specifications
Returns setup information on the quality conformance requirements of items or monitoring samples.

Forecast Details
Returns forecast information for an organization and an item.

Returns data on the components, quantities, scrap factors, and other important attributes of the formula.

Answers (partial list)

  • What are the associations among cost warehouses and inventory warehouses in a date range?
  • What are the details of the production forecasts for a period?
  • What are the on-hand quantities of items stocked in warehouses at the end of a period?

Project Manufacturing

Includes views covering project planning, budgeting, forecasting, work breakdown structures, schedules, resources, project progress, actual costs, and invoice details.

Views for: Oracle Project Manufacturing

Views (partial list)

Project Costs
Returns budgeted and actual project costs at the detail level, including expenditure type.

Purchase Commitments
Returns requisitions and POs that have not been received, enabling managers to forecast costs that will be incurred in future periods.

WIP Job Details
Returns data on job details, schedule status, inventory on hand quantities and transactions.

Answers (partial list)

  • What is the status of project performance against plan, budget and revenue forecasts?
  • What are the forecasted costs that will be incurred in future periods?
  • What are the on-hand quantities of items stocked in warehouses at the end of a period?

HR Applications

HR and payroll managers require secure access to highly sensitive information not only to satisfy compliance and government reporting, but also to support critical decisions such as which employees should work on key projects as well as the company’s overall hiring and compensation strategies.

Human Resources

NoetixViews provides efficient access to the information required to support typical human resources processes and management decision-making, including employee records and reviews, time and attendance, benefit administration, wage and salary administration, staffing and recruitment, career development, absence management, and new hire and termination processing. In addition, various views provide data for managerial level analysis, budgeting and planning purposes.

Views for: Oracle Human Resources, Oracle Payroll, Oracle Advanced Benefits, and Oracle Time and Labor

Views (partial list)

HR Element Definitions (Current and Historic)
View returns current and historic Oracle HRMS element definition setup information for both earnings and deductions.

Employee Job/Position Assignment History (Current and Historic)
Shows the progress of an employee’s job or position assignment history since their original hire date.

Employee Personal Information
Employment and personal information, additional personal details and other information, such as previous last name, address, phone, hire date, length of service, date of birth, birthday, national identifier (e.g. SSN or NI Number), visa type, nationality, correspondence language, home address, work telephone, email address, work location and standard working conditions are available.

Timecard Data
Query data from most recently saved and all historical self-service and PUI timecards, including approval, audit, payroll, project and task information

Payroll Register, W-2, Payment, and Check Registers
Create powerful register reports with parameters and filters that enable fast, flexible data analysis.

Answers (partial list)

  • How many employees were at a given location for a specific date?
  • What non-healthcare benefits is a given employee currently eligible and enrolled in?
  • How do I determine the number of transfers out of a specific organization last year?
  • Which applicants possess the essential position requirements for a specific vacancy?
  • What is the midpoint offset for a specific human resources budget calendar?
  • What is the historic contact information, such as the contact name(s) and address(s), for a specific employee in a given year?
  • What are the payroll register details of the employee assignments for an effective date range?
  • What are the W-2 register (wages and taxes) details of the employee assignments for a payroll period?

Sales, Marketing, and Service Applications

Maximizing campaign ROI, increasing sales forecast accuracy, and optimizing customer satisfaction while balancing costs requires continuous access to real-time information. Adjusting marketing and sales strategies to address threats, or responding swiftly to potential customer satisfaction issues is critical in competitive marketplaces. Noetix provides instant access to Oracle’s sales, marketing, and service applications.


Views for: Oracle Field Sales and Oracle Quoting


Includes nearly 60 views covering service requests, instances, tasks, and repairs, including repair and task related financial information, and details about service contracts.

Views for: Oracle TeleService, Oracle Install Base, Oracle Field Service, Oracle Depot Repair, and Oracle Service Contracts (Limited Availability)

Views (partial list)

Service Requests
Distinct views that return data on Service Requests created either using TeleService or Depot Repair.

Repair Order Invoices
Returns data on repair actual charges and sales order lines along with the associated invoices.

Debrief Charge Lines
Returns data on debrief charge lines, debriefs, sales orders and invoice details for a service request.

Instance Repair Orders
Returns data on repair orders associated with item instances.

Answers (partial list)

  • What is the turnaround time for a service request?
  • Which service requests are associated with an item instance?
  • What is the total number of hours that a field service representative worked in a period?
  • What are the Oracle Payables invoice details for a repair order?
  • Which service contracts are going to expire in the next 30 days?

Additional NoetixViews Options

NoetixViews for Oracle Application Object Library
The NoetixViews Administration Bundle brings easy access to critical setup and integration data in your E-Business Suite database. These views provide administrators with the ability to look up a variety of information related to the underlying Oracle foundation structure, such as concurrent programs, flexfield and Quick Pick values, security and responsibilities, without being forced to navigate through Oracle forms.

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