A Data Dictionary of Your Unique Noetix Content

Magnitude Noetix Search enables Noetix users to search the data models generated by Noetix (and all of the accompanying descriptive details) in a familiar, intuitive user interface via their favorite browser — Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

A powerful, flexible, and scalable approach for users to explore their Noetix content, Noetix Search presents business users with a wealth of information about their unique configuration via a familiar, intuitive user interface.

Noetix Search is a browser-based search application that enables Noetix users to quickly find the right Noetix content for their reports.

By providing a guide for query and report development, Magnitude Noetix Search gives end users an experience similar to what they’ve come to expect of other search technologies—the user is presented with a search field, enters a search term, and the tool returns a result set with what the user was looking for.

Noetix Search works with all modules of Magnitude NoetixViews for Oracle E-Business Suite and Magnitude Noetix Analytics.


For Magnitude NoetixViews Users

  • Search Noetix content by keywords, view names, view column names, table names, and table column names.
  • Explore reporting objects with ease, achieving increased adoption of NoetixViews.
  • Develop reports in significantly less time through a guided report development process with detailed descriptions of each view, along with examples and tips on how to build reports with the views.
  • See which views are related to and can be joined to other views as well as the related roles, columns, tables, and report samples associated with a particular view.
  • Learn which Oracle tables were used to develop a Noetix view.
  • Generate documentation of all generated views in PDF format.

For Magnitude Noetix Analytics Users

  • Search Noetix content by relationship sets, relationship set fields, data warehouse tables and columns.
  • View an entity relationship diagram (ERD) showing how the fact and dimension tables are joined within a given relationship set.
  • Read a brief description for each metric in a relationship set, along with the source and/or calculation.
  • Search data source tables and columns to see which tables, columns, relationship sets, and fields they are mapped to.
  • See key metrics for analysis, dimensions and attributes that can be used to summarize and filter data, as well as fact and dimension tables used within each relationship set.
  • Generate documentation of all generated relationship sets in PDF format.

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"With the Noetix Help File, we saw an opportunity to finally be able to bring together IT and the business side of the organization because we’d have a common way to work together. Noetix enabled IT to continue to use technical language and yet business users would immediately recognize the field because of the Noetix Help portion."

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