Stand Alone BI Platform with Seamless Integration to Magnitude NoetixViews

Magnitude Noetix Platform is an enterprise reporting platform designed to manage the security and integration of multiple data sources, providing the delivery of information to Noetix WebQuery (ad hoc query tool).

Organizations use Magnitude Noetix Platform to fully leverage the power of Magnitude NoetixViews to extend the capabilities of their current reporting infrastructure. With Noetix Platform, business professionals gain immediate access to the operational data they need—all from their Web browser.

Noetix Platform Add-In for Microsoft Excel provides complete integration with Microsoft Excel enabling organizations to exploit the robust reporting features of Noetix WebQuery without requiring business users to learn another BI tool.


Magnitude Noetix Platform features and benefits include:

  • Report from multiple application databases without needing to know where the data is stored.
  • Create ad hoc queries with drill-down capabilities without IT involvement.
  • Subscribe to favorite reports and schedule information delivery anywhere, anytime.
  • Access and execute any Noetix WebQuery report directly from Microsoft Excel.

Noetix QueryServer

A core component of Noetix Platform, Noetix QueryServer translates multiple disparate data sources into a centrally managed, powerful library of business views and reports, and securely manages data access and query activity by providing a single point of query maintenance.

Noetix QueryServer features and benefits include:

  • Integrates multiple disparate data sources into one centrally managed business view repository.
  • Securely delivers operational information across the entire enterprise with single-login capability.
  • Optimizes data access efficiency and report execution with patented routing technology.
  • Monitors, analyzes and improves query performance.

Noetix WebQuery

A Web-based ad hoc query tool, Noetix WebQuery seamlessly integrates with Noetix QueryServer. Through it’s easy to use browser interface, business professionals can create, modify and distribute reports without IT assistance. Dynamic query integration with Microsoft Excel allows business professionals to format, refresh and deliver report results in their favorite reporting tool.

Noetix WebQuery features and benefits include:

  • Easy to use, Web-based enterprise query tool that deploys quickly with little or no training.
  • Allows business users to easily create and modify ad hoc reports to obtain the specific information they need fast.
  • Provides ability to create and schedule report subscriptions and snapshots to increase flexibility and performance.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Excel so that business users can “slice-&-dice” the data with their favorite reporting tool.

NoetixViews Integration

NoetixViews users can gain tremendous benefit by incorporating Noetix Platform into their reporting environment. Utilizing patented technology, Noetix can retrieve previously-generated NoetixViews metadata and automatically generate business views and pre-built reports into Noetix QueryServer and Noetix WebQuery. NoetixViews users can then simply log into Noetix WebQuery and begin report development using the NoetixViews and reports available to them.


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