Simplify Reporting From Oracle E-Business Suite

Magnitude Software’s Operational Reporting Solution (NoetixViews) is the leading real-time business intelligence reporting solution for Oracle E-Business Suite.  With more out-of-the-box Oracle EBS content than any other vendor, Magnitude NoetixViews delivers the fastest connection between decision makers and operational data, streamlining the manually-intensive process of implementing reporting tools and enterprise-wide BI initiatives.

Features and benefits include:

  • Hundreds of business views (pre-built content by module/subject area) to simplify access to application data.
  • Patented technology automatically incorporates the unique configuration of each enterprise application implementation.
  • Documents the business metadata of each view and its columns, making search and data understanding faster and easier.
  • Protects reports from database structural changes inherent with enterprise application upgrades, ensuring established reports continue to work through upgrades.
  • Broad, comprehensive pre-built BI coverage for Oracle E-Business Suite.
  • Customizable and extensible using an agile approach, facilitating collaborative, rapid response to change.

This three-minute video explains how Magnitude’s operational reporting solution, NoetixViews, simplifies the complex and often confusing enterprise application database into easy-to-use business views. Reports are written against the views, not against the Oracle tables, empowering non-technical report writers with the ability to create their own ad hoc queries and custom reports with minimal training or IT involvement.

Getting data into the hands of employees when it’s needed to support daily operations is paramount.

Whether you need to empower business professionals to create operational reports or implement an enterprise-wide data decision-making system, Magnitude’s award-winning products can accelerate access to your critical operational data.

Magnitude NoetixViews for Oracle E-Business Suite offers best-practice business content for a variety of Oracle applications including the following:

Magnitude NoetixViews installs quickly, enabling users to start accessing data in a matter of days or even hours. Used in conjunction with Magnitude Noetix Platform or any reporting tool, NoetixViews enables organizations to leverage their current business intelligence infrastructure and tools and deliver faster, easier access to operational data.

Although the views out of the box will satisfy most of your reporting needs, they can be customized and extended with Magnitude NoetixViews Workbench to meet your most challenging and evolving requirements.


“For me, NoetixViews is such a big time saver. I feel like George Jetson: I can literally push a button and immediately access data that previously would have taken hours to obtain and analyze.”

Ken McIntosh
MES Administrator
Onyx EMS

NoetixViews Training

NoetixViews Workbench
Learn how to customize the views to meet specific reporting requirements.

NoetixViews Administration
Learn how to administer NoetixViews and maintain an optimal reporting environment.

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