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The best-of-breed solution offered by Magnitude Software and Excel4apps delivers immense value for our joint customers. NoetixViews is used for developing reports against the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) database. The views hide the complexity of the database by joining related tables presenting a comprehensive picture of a given functional area. Excel4apps Wands deliver a rich and extensive visualization of key operational data and metrics derived from NoetixViews.

Retrieve Real-Time Data in Excel to Meet All of Your Oracle Reporting Needs

Excel4apps Wands are available through two applications: Reports Wand and GL Wand. Reports Wand allows users to retrieve real-time data into Excel from any non-GL module. Out of the box, the integration of NoetixViews with Reports Wand provides users with 1,000+  application-specific reports for Oracle modules automatically customized to your setup without requiring data mapping, table joins, or complex SQL code.

Hundreds of answers you can execute in one click.

Example use cases of NoetixViews and Reports Wand include Organizational/employee hierarchies; AP Trial Balance, SLA reporting, Asset Additions and Retirements; AR Bucket Aging; Bank Statements and Reconciliations; and Statement of Activities.

GL Wand is preconfigured for the Oracle General Ledger. It enables financial reporting, management reporting, trial balances, statutory reporting, ad-hoc reporting, slice-and-dice analysis, budgeting and planning.

Empower Users to Become Self-Sufficient

By utilizing Excel, Excel4apps solutions provide strong ease of use, highly intuitive features for users with minimal training requirements.  The deep integration with Oracle EBS and NoetixViews enables it to be set up and used right out of the box.  The ability of business users to create and modify their own real-time Excel-based reports with minimal technical support is an attractive option for organizations looking to replace Oracle Discoverer.

The self-service nature of Excel4Apps Wands lessen the resource burden often put on IT staff to support business users’ constantly changing requirements for reporting. Once Excel4apps Wands and NoetixViews are installed, users quickly become self-sufficient in their reporting and analysis with significant time savings is seen by both the business and IT.

Excel is Your Tool of Choice—Don’t Compromise

Excel4apps Wand is the only reporting solution that integrates Excel in real-time with Oracle EBS on a Java architecture/framework. By using Java, only a small number of files need to be installed on the Oracle application tier, and nothing needs to be installed on users’ desktops. The Excel add-in allows finance and accounting business users to utilize new Excel functions and formulas that retrieve balances in real-time from any Oracle EBS module.

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“Reports Wand and NoetixViews are powerful, complementary products that empower Oracle users to independently access Excel and quickly create highly-formatted, refreshable reports and queries.”

Roger Bardondess
Sales & Partner Development

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