Magnitude Software Introduces Game Changing Data Connectivity Platform with the Release of Magnitude Gateway Embedded 1.1

Subsidiary Simba’s Streamlined Universal Data Access for Software Vendors Delivers a Single Integration, Unified Maintenance and Enhanced User Interface

Austin, TX – July 31, 2019 – Magnitude Software, Inc., a leader in delivering unified application data management to global organizations and its subsidiary, Simba, today announced the release of Magnitude Gateway Embedded 1.1, the next-generation universal data connectivity platform designed for software providers and developers. Magnitude Gateway Embedded 1.1 offers advanced capabilities to dramatically reduce the burden of driver maintenance to allow software vendors to distribute and maintain access to multiple data sources. A rich API provides seamless integration between application workflows and Magnitude Gateway.

“Software companies are burdened with escalating data connectivity costs and many are struggling to keep pace with the vast growth and evolution of data sources across cloud, on-premises and hybrid deployments,” said Tony Fisher, General Manager, Magnitude Connectivity. “With the release of Magnitude Gateway Embedded 1.1, Magnitude’s Simba team made integration seamless with a single universal driver to access all data sources, enabling software vendors to get products to market even faster with simpler development, hands-off configuration and streamlined maintenance.”

The platform Magnitude Gateway Embedded, was developed for software companies to give customers real-time access to many data sources so business users can gain insights faster and easier—from within the vendor’s application or by delivering the vendor’s application data to other systems. Specifically, the platform has been designed to streamline distribution, deployment, configuration and maintenance processes. Furthermore, Magnitude Gateway’s user interface advantage means that developers do not have to spend time and money building their own customer interface or, alternatively, use Magnitude Gateway’s rich API to provide a tight integration with their application’s workflows.

“In all the enterprise applications I’ve worked on, maintaining connectivity to data sources has always been costly, time consuming and, frankly, a burden,” said Donald Farmer, Principal at TreeHive Strategy. “Magnitude’s Simba team is driving the data connectivity industry forward with its Magnitude Gateway offering. They radically simplify access to the growing array of applications and data sources in cloud and hybrid environments. This means that software vendors can not only provision their customers with easy access to multiple data sources, they can also update connectivity features outside their product release cycles.”

Key software vendor benefits of Magnitude Gateway Embedded 1.1 platform include:

  • Offload data connectivity, development, distribution, maintenance and support while reducing costs.
  • Broaden target market with the richest set of data connectivity capabilities.
  • Deliver new connectivity to users independently of driver release cycle.
  • Incorporate enriched business data directly into your own solution — for self-service access to data by business users.
  • Dramatically enhance user experience, while simplifying data connectivity provisioning and management.
  • Provide a tight integration with your application’s workflows using Magnitude Gateway’s API.

Magnitude Gateway is built by the Simba team, recognized by customers and industry analysts as the de facto standard for innovative data access and data integration software and services. All leaders in the Gartner BI Magic Quadrant depend on Simba solutions.

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About Simba, a Magnitude Company

Simba is the industry choice for standards-based data access and analytics solutions, and for innovation in data connectivity. Our reputation as the connectivity pioneer means we’re the preferred partner for SDKs and our technology is embedded into today’s most popular BI and analytics applications. A subsidiary of Magnitude Software, the unified data application management leader, Simba provides connectivity solutions that are pivotal to the vast operational efficiencies delivered by the Magnitude portfolio of products. For more information, please visit