Magnitude Software Launch: Frequently Asked Questions

What are Noetix and Kalido announcing today?

Today we are announcing that Kalido and Noetix have combined our businesses in a merger of equals. The combined business is called Magnitude Software.

Who is Magnitude Software?

Magnitude Software is the new name and brand umbrella for both the Noetix and Kalido product sets.

As a leading provider of Enterprise Information Management (EIM) software, Magnitude Software has more than 10 award-winning enterprise class EIM products and over 600 active enterprise customers with more than 200,000 users in 100 countries. At the core of Magnitude’s business is a passionate focus on customer success and a vision to accelerate and automate the end-to-end process of integrating, managing and analyzing information to support business decision making, while reducing operational cost and risk.

A new website has been created for Magnitude Software at We will also maintain “product” websites for the Kalido and Noetix products.

Why are we combining companies?

Bringing together strong, established enterprise software products like the Kalido and Noetix product sets creates economies of scale, which will increase our competitiveness and profitability and attract additional investments, all of which will enable us to invest more in our products, our people and our customers.

Who are the members of the Senior Management team?

Nigel Turner, Kalido’s former President, will become the President of Magnitude Software and Doug Moore, Noetix’s former President will become the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Magnitude Software. Jack McDonald is the Chairman of our board of directors.

Additional leadership team members include:

  • Darren Peirce – VP Products and CTO
  • Pat Roche – VP Engineering, Noetix products
  • Coman Wakefield – VP Engineering, Kalido Products
  • Kelly Williams – VP Customer Success
  • Paul Holloway – VP EMEA PS and Europe Regional manager
  • David Haam – VP Information Technology
  • Mike Wheeler – VP PS Americas
  • Dave Donatelli – VP Customer Support

How will this change affect current customers?

Servicing the needs of our current customers is of utmost importance. Existing teams will continue to build, market, sell and service Noetix and Kalido core products with even a larger focus on ensuring the success and health of our install base. Customer Success will provide the framework for making the customer’s business requirements a focal point in how we run our organization moving forward. We will also be rolling out additional benefits with a new support model which includes Platinum support.

How do these changes affect the investment in existing Noetix and Kalido products and support for future releases?

Our commitment to enhance, maintain and support existing product lines remains unwavering. We have a full list of Noetix and Kalido product releases scheduled for this year and will continue to create, support and enhance our award winning offerings to ensure our customers are meeting their business goals.

Kalido Information Engine 9.1 (Vigor) is now generally available. Features include collaborative model development, multi-diagramming, MDM UI re-platform, HPP optimization and Dev-to-Production Migration Assistant. Kalido MDM with set-based validation is also on-track for release in the coming month.

NoetixViews 6.4.1 with support for EBS 12.2 and its or Oracle’s Online Patching feature is expected to ship by end of Q2. Noetix Analytics 5.4 with support for EBS 12.2, new content, log-based CDC and other performance enhancements will release later this year. Additionally, Noetix Analytics customers can benefit from using Kalido MDM to help integrate and manage key reference data including customers, suppliers, products and more. Noetix Generator products, Noetix Workbench and Noetix Search are on schedule to ship with the corresponding versions of NoetixViews and Noetix Analytics.

Will there be any changes to my level of service or contacts?

All existing Service Level Agreements and support arrangements will continue without interruption. You will continue to work with the same Noetix and Kalido professionals who have always been committed to your success.

Who should I call for License and Support?

You will continue to work with your current Noetix and Kalido Sales representatives and support contacts. Customers will notice in the coming weeks that communication will start to include the company name Magnitude Software instead of Noetix or Kalido. Please note that your current Noetix and Kalido representatives will also be using this domain name for their email addresses in the near future (

What is the value of this announcement to me as a Noetix or Kalido customer?

This announcement offers numerous benefits to our existing customers:

  • Increased investment in innovation across the Noetix and Kalido product families.
  • Increased focus on customer success with the development of a dedicated team to ensure that existing customers derive maximum return from their investment in our software.
  • Future expansion of enterprise software product offerings through additional acquisitions in the area of enterprise information management.

Where can I find additional information?

Customers should feel free to reach out to their current company contacts if they have any questions or need additional information. Our continuing commitment is to be proactive in communicating to customers any changes that will affect them. If you would like to stay informed of the latest Magnitude Software news and developments, please visit our new website,