Frequently asked questions about Magnitude Software’s acquisition of Agility Multichannel

Why did Magnitude Software acquire Agility Multichannel?

The combination of the two companies furthers Magnitude’s strategic vision to enable enterprise-wide visibility and insight for improving and managing corporate performance in a world where critical data must be gathered from multiple sources. Both companies strive to accelerate digital transformation for their customers, with complementary technologies that harness the fragmented data from heterogeneous applications for business benefit.

Agility Multichannel has built a great business focusing on multichannel commerce enablement, Product Information Management (PIM) and related product data applications – a large and relatively under-served market that is growing at 15% CAGR. This solution focus complements Magnitude MDM and adds to our portfolio of solutions driving and enabling breakthrough digital transformation.

For Agility Multichannel, becoming part of a mature enterprise with strong organizational execution at scale, and expertise across the information supply chain, enables accelerated product development, time to market, market reach and customer fulfillment.

What does this mean for Agility Multichannel customers?

Magnitude’s highest priority is customer success, and that includes taking care of the host of loyal Agility Multichannel customers while exploring future opportunities for technology integration and innovation. The combined strengths of Magnitude and Agility Multichannel opens up opportunities to deliver a broader range of complementary solutions that addresses the expanding and highly specialized needs of enterprises driving digital transformation.

The acquisition offers numerous benefits to existing Agility Multichannel customers including:

  • Broader portfolio of applicable offerings: Magnitude’s flexible, model-driven MDM platform delivers a multi-domain solution that fits highly specific and unique customer requirements – beyond PIM and multichannel commerce – for Agility customers with additional MDM requirements. Access to Magnitude’s broader portfolio is ideal for those seeking to solve for business intelligence, data warehousing, data governance and harmonization, master data management, reporting, analytics and data connectivity needs.
  • Continued customer focus: Magnitude values customers and their success, and it delivers on that value at scale with its expert team, innovative and agile products, and technology-enabled support to ensure the best possible customer outcomes. This complements Agility Multichannel’s strong commitment to customer success, and high regard for the loyalty and engagement of the customer base. Magnitude’s business was created to drive the end-to-end process of delivering insights to business leaders via access, harmonization and analytics to support business decision-making, and reduce operational cost and risk.
  • Expanded go-to-market team and capabilities: Magnitude’s deeply experienced go-to-market team spans customer acquisition through customer support and success, and includes professional and managed services experts. Alongside Magnitude’s engineering team and the Agility Multichannel team – and leveraging the companies’ complementary technologies – the combined go-to-market team will accelerate product expansion across applications to address the increasingly fragmented application and data environment in modern-day companies.

What does this mean for Magnitude customers?

Magnitude can now provide customers of our Magnitude MDM, Magnitude CPM and Data Connectivity solutions with a well-respected, flexible product content management and syndication offering designed for multichannel commerce, PIM and other product data applications. Agility Multichannel provides specific capabilities to access product information from many sources and allow it to be governed, enriched and published in a centrally managed environment that can serve as the foundation of a digital commerce presence, and for other PIM requirements and applications, especially as they relate to driving positive customer experience.

How will Agility Multichannel’s Senior Management Team Change?

Agility Multichannel’s strong, proven management team was a critical factor in the acquisition. We’re thrilled that this move allows us to establish a new and critical pillar in our solution portfolio, with Agility Multichannel CEO, Richard Hunt as VP, Agility Solutions for Magnitude Software. This new role is important in the execution of Magnitude’s long-term strategic plan. Jason Simpson, Director of European Sales, reports to Richard.

Graham Cook, VP, Products, reports to Magnitude’s CTO, Darren Peirce. As a key executive of Agility, and now a member of the Magnitude leadership team, Graham will continue to provide leadership and expertise to ensure momentum in Engineering’s current development efforts. We realize the importance of this focus in taking care of the core business while exploring future opportunities for technology integration.

We welcome Richard, Graham, Jason and the entire Agility team to the Magnitude family.

Will there be any changes to the current service level or existing customer contacts?

No. All existing support and service arrangements will continue without interruption and Agility Multichannel’s customers will work with their existing Support and Engineering contacts.

Ensuring Agility Multichannel’s existing and soon-to-be customers are successful is a Magnitude Software priority. Agility Multichannel will operate within the Magnitude Software family and we will continue to service and support existing products, as well as commit resources to enhancing product value for customers.

Who should I contact if I have further questions on the acquisition?

While we will continue to be proactive in communicating to customers and partners any changes that directly affect them, please refer to the information below if you have questions regarding the acquisition:

Agility Multichannel Europe: Customers & Partners – Jason Simpson
UK mobile +44 7958 125448

Agility Multichannel North America – Richard Hunt
US cell: +1 312 953 5726
UK mobile: +44 7958 638788

Magnitude Customers – Bill Stephens
US mobile +1 770 355-8555

For additional information regarding the acquisition, please refer to our blog and press release.

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