To provide comprehensive and integrated analytics across a broad range of asset classes, data quality, alignment, and accessibility are pivotal to becoming more customer centric.

When it comes to sell side, customer relationship management is vital. To retain existing customers and acquire new ones, sell side firms need to keep ahead of the competition in terms of offering services and a customer experience that sets them apart. They need to become a customer centric firm.

A part of implementing a customer centric strategy is building a comprehensive investment analytics data warehouse and master data management repository containing relevant and accurate information about customer investing history. This is important to provide timely, accurate and relevant client reporting, and to be able to report internally such as across asset classes, customer profitability, expense ratios and organization reporting hierarchies. Typical data types to support internal and client reporting include:

  • Multiple asset classes such as equities, fixed-income, derivatives, currencies, swaps, options, futures, and commodities at any time granularity, including prices, yields and exchange rates
  • Portfolio and fund positions and performance analyses including portfolio reporting, GAAP accrual accounting and tax reporting
  • Corporate events such as stock splits and acquisitions
  • Market and user defined statistics such as alphas, betas, volatilities, and moving average prices for equities.

A comprehensive customer centric data strategy doesn’t end with the reporting of customer account positions and performance. Through enrichment with third party external data, an Investment Analytics data warehouse and master data management repository is the foundation for proactive analytics of current and potential customers. An effective investment analytics data warehouse and master data management can enable your firm to:

  • Offer more personalized prescriptive investing advice to existing clients to improve customer experience and reduce churn
  • Create upsell and cross sell opportunities
  • Create effective and targeted customer acquisition and marketing initiatives.
  • Better understand and manage risk and exposure across the organization

How Magnitude Helps

  • Magnitude’s unique business-model-driven approach to automating the data warehouse and master data management results in an industry leading time-to-value as more effort goes into defining the business requirements of investment analytics, and less into the technical effort of building and maintaining the investment analytics data warehouse and MDM repository
  • Identifiers like ticker symbols and ISIN, CUSIP and SEDOL are often not universally used, can change and are sometimes redefined and reused. Magnitude Master Data Management provides powerful and intelligent matching and workflow-driven validation, keeping work-in-progress and published data separate, for more efficient business processes.
  • To support rich investment analytics and business reporting, Magnitude provides dynamic maintenance of relevant business views ensuring that changes to source data, or to organizational structures, are reflected with minimal impact.
  • By focusing on delivering results to the business, and accommodating the constant change in the business needs that result from constantly evolving market and regulatory dynamics, Magnitude can keep pace with the business. A Magnitude-based information management solution will enable the business to answer questions such as:
    • Who are our customers? What is their demographic profile?
    • What products and customers are most profitable?
    • Which customers have which instruments in their portfolios?
    • How do client and fund portfolio performance compare to benchmarks?

    These answers are delivered completely, accurately and on time, while providing the lowest cost of ownership possible.

  • Offers an agile technology and approach to accelerate project delivery time to meet business needs faster

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