Create Once, Publish Everywhere

Often, it is desirable to create new customer, product, supplier, employee, etc. master records in a “neutral” application, rather than directly in an operational system. The reason for this is to capture all the desired attributes, rather than the subset, that are required in a given system. This allows you to publish relevant data to consuming systems, and still deliver a single view of clean master data that covers all its attributes.

Additionally, centralized master data authoring capability requires a specialized interface for creating new master data records. Customers will need a very flexible system that can accommodate every master data domain, and also deliver an interface that supports a mobile workforce who call on suppliers and customers.

Magnitude MDM supports the ability to create a centralized master data authoring system to create new records, apply custom business rules and then publish to consuming operational systems. We offer the Magnitude MDM Workbench that enables administrators to design and deliver a custom web-based and mobile-compatible interfaces relevant for the newly authored data.

See a short video demonstration of Centralized Master Data Authoring:

centralized master data authoring sample view

Key Centralized Authoring Capabilities and Benefits

Centralized master data authoring is the gateway to manage the essential master data required to run day-to-day operations. Authoring efficiencies require fully customizable components and processes: business models, business rules, workflow, and forms. Magnitude MDM has all capabilities essential to operational MDM with the advantage of wrapping governance and workflow around a business process and model that matches your business and makes sense in your environment.

Customizable User Interface

In addition to the model-driven user interface, the Magnitude MDM Workbench also supplies a fully-customizable UI. Each path provides the level of configuration required to match your company’s language requirements, process, and data flow. To further enable authoring efficiencies, HTML developers can easily access the functionality and power of the Magnitude MDM engine through the MDM Workbench to create complete, customized forms.

Operational Application Integration

Magnitude MDM can easily integrate with on-premises ERP systems such as SAP and with cloud-based systems such as through our web services API.


A powerful and robust workflow enables both efficiency and proper governance of the business process of creating new master data records. Magnitude MDM’s embedded workflow capability manages events, workflow states, and state transitions, and provides the flexibility to customize approval and authorization workflows depending on the rigor required for different master data sets.

Robust, Multi-Domain Modeling

Magnitude MDM business models easily support any combination of complex structures across multiple domains. Its visual modeling capability coupled with a top-down, business-centric approach enables both IT and the business to collaborate in building sensible and effective master data processes. Reuse makes for a quick, efficient and cost-effective path to adding new domains, data sources, objects, attributes, and associations.

Customizable Validation and Consistency Checks

Business rules are configured and applied through the Magnitude MDM business model and validation rules. Invalid data is held in a separate “working context” for validation, while valid data can either proceed through a workflow approval & authorization process or be published to the “master context” for downstream application consumption.

Design & Build Automation

Magnitude business information models drive the physical layer through the MDM engine and deliver the right amount of automation, governance, and control over the database objects and corresponding authoring and load processes. With a combination of a well-designed and robust business model, component reuse and model-driven automation, adding new domains can be quick and efficient, delivering key business value in a short amount of time.

Duplicate Checking and Prevention

Magnitude MDM can manage duplicate prevention when creating new master data records in two ways. The first method is through the use of multiple identifiers. Business models can manage multiple identifiers for each subject.  An identifier can be either primary or alternate, optional or mandatory. Model-driven validation quickly flags any duplicates based any of the available keys.

Secondly, architects have the option of using a combination of direct and fuzzy matching rules created through the Magnitude MDM’s matching capability to search for any existing entities within the master data or source data repositories. Matching rules can be quickly configured and tested then integrated into the authoring process to determine if a subject already exists at the time of entry.

Required Governance

A robust, customizable MDM workflow provides just the right amount of control over the business process of centrally authoring master data.  Complete audit history captures what changes were made by whom and at what time. Model-based security controls which users and view, add or update categories or subjects. In addition, data subjects are managed in either working or published context to provide absolute control over which data can be made publicly available.

Other common uses of the Magnitude MDM solution include:

  • Reference Data Management – integrate and harmonize external and internal reference data – such as industry codes, entity identifiers, country codes, units of measure and conversion rates – used to categorize information across systems
  • Hierarchy Management – visually manage and browse multiple different views of data for different uses across systems, easily handling re-organizations.
  • Data Harmonization – combine multiple data sources into an integrated, unambiguous entity “golden copy” record that can be used by consuming systems to feed a business process.
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