Our multi-domain, business-centric MDM solution delivers trusted data across the enterprise for analytical and operational needs.

Running your business and analyzing results with accurate and consistent data is paramount to operating efficiently and being successful. You must know your customers. You must know your products, and ensure they are produced and manufactured so you turn a profit. You must comply with regulations, and be able to affirm the accuracy of financial results. This is difficult, or impossible, if the data used to run your organization is inaccurate, out of date, inconsistent, and ungoverned across your business applications.

With a business-centric master data management solution from Magnitude Software, you can deliver high-quality data for operational and analytical purposes, all while bridging the communication and collaboration gap between IT and the business that so frequently gets in the way of delivering quality data. With Magnitude MDM (Kalido), you can cover all your data – customer, product, financial, vendor, supplier, location, and more – in a single technology solution.


Magnitude MDM features and benefits include:

Model it for every domain

  • Rich modeling constructs support real-world business environment
  • Domain-agnostic modeling, matching and mapping capabilities reduce manual stewardship
  • Visually models common and obscure domains without costly customizations

Master it with everyone

  • Audience-specific interfaces provide active, role-based involvement
  • Sophisticated workflow and model-driven API enables real-time collaboration
  • Policy-driven governance enables executive involvement

Govern it everywhere

  • Universal access from mobile devices, browsers, analytical and operational applications
  • Change management capabilities to support master data lifecycle
  • Audit, validation and security managed seamlessly

With Magnitude MDM’s model-driven interface, user interface screens are generated based on the model elements. But sometimes, you need a custom interface to enable data stewards, data providers and business users to perform specific, customized tasks to manage master and reference data. Learn more about how the Magnitude MDM Workbench offers this capability.

Ready to see Magnitude MDM in action? Check out our video-based demos to see some of its capabilities.

Common uses of the Magnitude MDM solution include:

  • Reference Data Management – integrate and harmonize external and internal reference data – such as industry codes, entity identifiers, country codes, units of measure and conversion rates – used to categorize information across systems.
  • Hierarchy Management – visually manage and browse multiple different views of data for different uses across systems, easily handling re-organizations.
  • Data Harmonization – combine multiple data sources into an integrated, unambiguous entity “golden copy” record that can be used by consuming systems to feed a business process.
  • Central Master Data Authoring – create a centralized master data authoring system to create new records, apply custom business rules and then publish to consuming operational systems.
With Magnitude MDM… “we built a long-term foundation that handles change in products, codes, applications, product hierarchies, acquisitions and restructurings.”

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