Magnitude is proven to deliver faster than traditional approaches.

Our customers tell us they see significant time and effort savings in their Magnitude projects compared to their traditional data warehouse design, build and operation experiences.

Graph depicting person-months to implement-data-warehouse

As a result, your business intelligence and analytics teams get the data they need faster, and can begin making decisions sooner.


Here is a sample of tasks that our technology automates to rapidly deliver business information into the hands of your business users and analysts.

Capability Magnitude Traditional Tools
Create and maintain landing/staging tables Automated Manual
Managing slowly changing dimensions, rollup path awareness Automated Manual
Managing the physical schema, from 3NF to star/snowflake for reporting Automated Manual
Graphical query builder to create complex extract definitions Automated Manual
Data load & index management, name & label management Automated Manual
Delta detection, data validation and system key management Automated Manual
Suspense and exception handling on data loads Automated Manual
Archiving, model & data restore, audit & logging Automated Manual
Integrity checking, aggregate test results, user interface for troubleshooting Automated Manual
Native Qlik and Excel generation, metadata management for BI tools Automated Manual
Model migration, version management and object-level change management Automated Manual

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“We reflected a sales force realignment within 3 months, when it previously would have taken us 9-12 months. Overall, with Magnitude (Kalido), we’re realizing cost savings of $1.5M every year.”

Director of BI

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