Guide to Modernizing Operational Reporting & Strategic Analytics in the SAP-Run Enterprise

Guide to Modernizing Operational Reporting & Strategic Analytics in the SAP-Run Enterprise

Despite the volumes of data generated by modern enterprise applications, many organizations still find themselves in the dark when attempting to derive insights. That’s because accessing and making sense of your data has become such a laborious and expensive process – one typically managed by IT.

As business intelligence tools, data warehousing solutions and enterprise data and application landscapes have advanced, it’s worth taking the time to rethink the old way of doing things. In the white paper–Guide to Modernizing Operational Reporting & Strategic Analytics in the SAP-Run Enterprise, we examine the dichotomy between operational reporting and strategic analytics, plus how they can work together to help organizations achieve real-time reporting and uncover relevant business insights.

Key topics: 

  • Understand why taking advantage of reporting and analytics tools and implementing BI in the traditional manner requires a near-constant involvement from the IT staff.
  • Discuss how modern BI shifts the focus away from IT and offers mainstream tools with self-service access and flexibility so that business users can produce reports and analysis on the fly.
  • Review how Magnitude Every Angle for SAP provides analytical power that enables your team to analyze, combine and interrogate information from across the value chain, because it uniquely understands the way your SAP system is configured.

Modern BI needs to bridge the gap between operational reporting and strategic analytics to deliver business insights that allow you to respond faster and with greater confidence.

Magnitude Every Angle transforms and enhances your organization’s SAP data, turning it into simple-to-use, actionable insight. It puts the power of prescriptive analytics into the hands of the people who need it most – the business users.

Read the white paper for more insights and learn more about Every Angle solutions here.

Maximize your SAP technology investments with Magnitude solutions

Maximize your SAP technology investments with Magnitude solutions

Join us at these upcoming SAPinsider virtual events key for insights from our Magnitude experts on improving operational efficiencies to maximize your SAP technology investments.

SAPinsider Supply Chain Summit takes place on November 17-18, 2020. The two-day virtual LIVE experience and on-demand offers access to over 40 actionable roadmaps, case studies, collaboration, and solution sessions. Register here for your free pass.

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Achieve deeper automation of repetitive and complex SAP tasks with Robotic Process Automation for SAP from Magnitude Innowera Process Runner. Our time-tested design tool combines Robotic Process Automation’s (RPA) use of AI with SAP and other enterprise related tasks to improve the effectiveness and accuracy of your tasks and processes – while lowering costs.

Magnitude Every Angle delivers self-service analytics, providing end-to-end insight, understanding, and transparency across your SAP value chain; enriching organizations with actionable insight to understand, control and improve the performance of SAP. Magnitude Every Angle allows teams to detect bottlenecks, identify root causes of issues and provides end users with action lists to take appropriate and responsive actions throughout the entire supply chain.

For accounting teams looking to close the books faster and more efficiently, Magnitude Z Option GLSU makes it easy for finance users to automate their everyday FICO processes utilizing Excel, resulting in improved data quality and increased productivity.

Find out how we’re enabling fast, low cost and low-risk integration of third-party data and master data into SAP Central Finance by streamlining the data integration process with our Magnitude SourceConnect offerings now available globally through SAP as Solution Extensions:

Maximize your SAP technology investments with Magnitude solutions

Featured Live Sessions: 

Audit and Risk Management: Plug & Play for SAP ERP (GRC) 

Wednesday, November 18 | 8:00 AM ET


  • Richard den Ouden, Director Business Development, Magnitude Every Angle 

It’s a volatile time to be in business. Not only is there more pressure on people and processes caused by constant technological disruption, but we are also now living in a world of ever-increasing risk, legislation, and regulation.

Magnitude Every Angle has long helped companies to understand the root causes of issues and bottlenecks in service, as well as driving dramatic improvements in data quality. EA4GRC, a “plug-and-play” module for Governance, Risk and Compliance, applies Magnitude Every Angle’s unique capability to provide actionable insights to financial processes in order to control risk.

In this session, we will demonstrate how this solution can be used to:

  • Provide transparency for key operational processes subject to risk
  • Control, analyze, and improve business processes that require audit and risk management
  • Ensure continuous process control on key daily activities

Control Journal Entry Uploading Processes and Achieve a Better End-User Experience (Financials) 

Wednesday, November 18 | 11:00 AM ET 


  • Tim Curtin, Solution Specialist, Magnitude Z Option

Leading accounting and finance departments are continuously looking to automate, streamline, and improve business processes without adding complexity to their operations. They want to eliminate cumbersome manual processes that consume significant time and effort. And home-grown upload solutions tend to be very limited, lacking flexibility and requiring IT support, slowing down productivity. Magnitude Z Option GLSU is process automation for SAP Finance. GLSU incorporates business logic for intelligent automation and empowers users to manage and post SAP transactions from within a familiar application, saving time, and money.

Attend this session to:

  • Learn how utilizing an Excel-based tool to automate finance processes can speed up the close process
  • Discover how streamlining day-to-day business tasks can improve efficiency and productivity
  • Access tips and tricks to navigate the financial close process and relieve stress from the Finance team

Preparing Third-Party Applications for Interface into SAP S/4HANA for Central Finance (S/4HANA) 

Wednesday, November 18 | 2:00 PM ET 


  • John Hume, Solution Consulting Leader, Magnitude SourceConnect

Are you considering a move to SAP S/4HANA for Central Finance? Does your plan fully address how to integrate your existing non-SAP source system data into your Central Finance implementation? Discover how adding SAP Central Finance Transaction Replication Application by Magnitude for SAP S/4HANA can facilitate and accelerate data integration for your move to Central Finance. This session will offer expert insights into overcoming the common challenges encountered when integrating financial data such as transaction detail, error handling, and reconciliation, and will prepare your team for the road ahead to a successful central finance deployment. By attending, you will:

  • Examine the complexities of building a solution for Central Finance and receive expert advice for enabling agile, intelligent finance operations
  • Explore the benefits of enabling intelligent data integration for Central Finance to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Discover how to integrate transactional data into SAP S/4HANA for Central Finance utilizing an SAP solution extension to reduce cost and risk
  • Review recommendations that will help you achieve a speedy and successful Central Finance implementation
  • Understand how live SAP Central Finance customers have leveraged pre-built connectors to integrate detailed transactions from both SAP and third-party sources

SAPInsider supply chain summit

Featured Live Sessions: 

Drive Productivity with Intelligent RPA 

Wednesday, November 18 | 11:00 AM ET


  • Jeremy Buckmier, Business Solution Specialist, Magnitude Innowera
  • Ted Shingleton, Senior Account Executive, Magnitude Innowera 

Advances in automation technology are transforming business operations. Many organizations are finding that supply chain, finance, and HR processes can be dramatically improved by using SAP data management tools equipped with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities. Join this session to uncover SAP automation strategies that go beyond generic toolsets. Learn how the world’s largest enterprises are creating new efficiencies and boosting business results by shifting to SAP-centric RPA solutions to increase productivity and improve data quality.

In this session, we will:

  • Offer expert advice for addressing potential data management challenges within SAP
  • Discuss the opportunities RPA enabled technologies can offer
  • Review real-world examples of complex SAP processes seamlessly executed based on user criteria
  • Demonstrate how RPA enabled tools can easily help digitally transform business operations

Transform Supply Chain and Financial Operations with Cross-Functional Analytics: The GKN Story 

Wednesday November 18 | 1:00 PM ET 


  • Richard den Ouden, Director Business Development, Magnitude Every Angle
  • Regina Howell, SAP Master Data Specialist, GKN Automotive

Many organizations struggle to translate their SAP data into actionable insights. Learn how GKN Automotive, the world’s largest supplier of driveline technologies to the automotive industry, has transformed its supply chain and optimized its systems by incorporating operational and financial analytics. This cross-functional reporting strategy enables the organization to focus on improving enterprise-wide KPIs and make smarter business decisions.

GKN Automotive will explain how it was able to gain control of and visualize its SAP data to:

  • Solve supply chain and financial issues before they impact the business
  • Unlock the power of enterprise data to turn insights into action
  • Improve operational efficiencies that require timely access to impactful data

Learn more about our data management and productivity solutions for SAP-run businesses here.


Innowera Process Runner Now Available as Monthly Subscription in AWS Marketplace

Are you looking to achieve even faster automation with your SAP data? With Process Runner now available in the AWS Marketplace, it’s faster than ever to get fast.

At Magnitude, we’re constantly working to make SAP data management more efficient. We’re thrilled to share that Innowera Process Runner, the leading Microsoft Excel automation solution for SAP, is now available via the AWS Marketplace as a monthly subscription.

Process Runner runs on your desktop, so why we are we making it available via the leading cloud marketplace? Because like the AWS Marketplace, Process Runner is built on the principles of scale, simplicity and speed. This new option gives customers a way to rapidly provision new users, leverage flexible month-to-month pricing, and consolidate billing to their AWS accounts. Whether you’re interested in trying Process Runner for the first time, need to temporarily add users for a specific project, or simply prefer the flexibility of a subscription, it’s never been easier to get faster with SAP.

Process Runner’s powerful automation and Microsoft Excel integration are the fastest way to turbocharge uploading, downloading, and managing SAP data. Run T-codes and Z-codes right from Excel, easily handle journal entries of greater than 999 lines, and leverage 1,600 pre-built templates across business functions including FICO, Manufacturing, HCM/HD and SD.  Need more than that? Easily customize templates without a single line of code or a single call to I.T. Get up and running in minutes, with no back-end integration or complex configuration work needed.

Learn more about Process Runner’s subscription offering at or get it now in the AWS Marketplace . And let us know what you think once you’ve tried it – hit us up on Twitter or LinkedIn, or contact us here.



Supercharge your SAP Data Management.
Get Process Runner from the AWS Marketplace.




Q&A with Bas Kamphuis: Empowering SAP Businesses to Unlock the Value of Enterprise Data

SAPinsider, the largest and fastest growing SAP membership group worldwide, recently featured Magnitude’s Bas Kamphuis, General Manager of the Productivity Business Unit, in an exclusive Q&A to discuss his role in helping companies unlock the value of their enterprise data.

Bas shared his perspective that “many companies today are data-rich but insight-blind — that is, they generate data in abundance but lack the tools to efficiently transform the information into business insights in a fully automated way.” 

To help customers get the most from their SAP data, Bas offered the following advice:

Q & A Bas

“Organizations are more successful — particularly in transformational business initiatives — when they have figured out how to turn data into a competitive advantage. The purpose and the power behind the tools we offer is ultimately in unlocking data to be more democratic — getting the right information into the hands of the people making business decisions.”

Access the complete article on for insights on what it takes for a truly digital enterprise to become a data-driven enterprise and Magnitude’s role in helping companies achieve that state.

View the full Magnitude article snippet or access the full digital Magazine publication.


The Essentials for Supply Chain Management Success for SAP Businesses

New SAPinsider Report: Modernizing Supply Chain Planning and Operations

2020 has been marked by the need to adjust to massive disruptions in supply chains with rapidly changing data, production limitations and providers unable to keep up with demand. As a result of this volatility, SAP Platform managers are increasingly turning to automated data management and self-service analytics to adapt and succeed in today’s market.

These are just two of the findings from the SAPinsider Q3 2020 Benchmark ReportModernizing Supply Chain Planning and Operations. This in-depth research examined the business drivers, planned actions and technologies used or planned to address go-forward supply chain planning and operations strategies. The report surveyed 298 members of the global SAP community to uncover the business needs in supply chain planning and operations.

Among the other key discoveries:

  • 87% reported that a Deep Integration between Supply Chain Planning and Operational Execution, with closer collaboration based on common data sets, being a key driver to deal with rapid fluctuations in demand.
  • 85% ranked Cleansed and Harmonized Operational Data across systems as critical, with a commitment to optimize processes and integrations to maintain quality data across systems and interfaces.
  • 81 % ranked Data-Driven Demand forecasts as important or very important, with a need to constantly test and combine parameters and data sources in different ways to identify the right data to drive forecasts.
  • 69% ranked an Automated Data Management Solution of strategic importance, with organizations using or planning to invest in automated data management to get the right data to the right people at the right time.

Every Angle delivers self-service analytics, providing end-to-end insight, understanding, and transparency across your SAP value chain; enriching organizations with actionable insight to understand, control and improve the performance of SAP. Every Angle allows teams to detect bottlenecks, identify root causes of issues and provides end users with action lists to take appropriate and responsive actions throughout the entire supply chain.

Process Runner is the most advanced SAP and Excel automated data management tool in the world. It’s automation software that allows users to upload and download data between SAP and Excel – without writing a single line of code and it works out of the box, without needing any changes to your SAP system.

But don’t take our word for it! Review the research findings, insights, and recommendations in the 2020 SAPinsider Benchmark Report – Modernizing Supply Chain Planning and Operation for free.

And reach out to us to learn more. We are happy to show you just how Every Angle and Process Runner Solutions from Magnitude help SAP users thrive amid today’s business challenges.

Resource Guide for Empowering the SAP-Run Enterprise

Resource Guide for Empowering the SAP-Run Enterprise

This year, we’ve had to rewrite the playbook for many job functions and adapt to new ways of working for the virtual environment. Amid the uncertainty, what’s clear is the need for data-driven insights to respond to changing market conditions and to support our business goals.

We’ve seen this play out with many of our own customers that have accelerated their digital transformation efforts. This begins with investing in their data capabilities and it’s the core of Magnitude’s business — to help customers simplify their journey to become data-driven enterprises.

Specifically, for the SAP community, we’ve introduced many innovations that empower SAP users to drive more value from their ERP data through automation, interoperability and insights. With that in mind, I offer up an end-of-summer reading list that dives into some valuable content for SAP-run businesses.

Here are highlights of our recent insights and resources for your reading and viewing:

Supporting Faster, Better, and More Cost-Effective SAP Central Finance Implementations:

SAP Global Solutions Owner, Carsten Hilker explains how Magnitude was chosen to be a SAP Solution Extension Partner, a highly selective SAP group, and the benefits of Magnitude’s Transaction Replication solution for Central Finance users. Read his blog.

The Smarter Path for Improving Efficiencies and Achieving Agile Finance Operations: Does your company need to capture financial data from multiple SAP and non-SAP ERP systems for centralized reporting and processing? Then watch this video to learn how you can speed the integration of financial data.

Building the Data-Driven Enterprise for a Resilient Future:  While organizations might be tempted to put technology projects on pause, our Bas Kamphuis predicts that companies investing in their digital capabilities now will emerge stronger as data-driven enterprises.

Read his piece on Dataversity.

Enable Intelligent Data Integration for SAP Central Finance: Recently released Magnitude SourceConnect 3.0 provides finance organizations with complete visibility of data and traceability for audit and control reporting across source systems. Read the news.

Supply Chain Spotlight: Gain Control in a Turbulent World: In a world of exponential complexity and constant change, the need for control is greater than ever. A supply chain control tower should not only provide the required visibility to survive and thrive, but also be able to discern real-time KPIs populated by data from across the entire extended supply chain.

Read the white paper.

Become a Financial Superhero with Excel: Remove stress from the close process by streamlining everyday processes and improving productivity using Excel as your sidekick – eliminating the need for IT involvement. Watch the webcast.

Mastering Master Data Maintenance in SAP: Learn how office furniture leader, Kimball International, accelerated SAP data management while boosting efficiencies and time to market—all through smart automation. Read the case study.

Stay updated on our new insights by reading our latest blog posts.