The future has arrived.

On Tuesday, we announced the Kalido Data Governance Director, a new product that will enable companies to operationalize their data governance programs. As is our heritage, we are taking a more strategic view, creating a “tops down” data policy driven system that will give companies the ability to manage data policies, operationalize data governance processes and measure and improve policy compliance. This new product does something no product in this market does; it considers data, systems and business processes in context so policies are comprehensive and meaningful. Read more

Where’s the focus?

As we moved from our market prototype to design, we had to ask ourselves one critical thing up front; where should we focus our efforts? As we scanned the market, we saw what people were calling “data governance”. Typically MDM applications with a business user interface that would give them the ability to “see” master data. We know that governance is more about the intersection of data, process and systems- all in the context of organization. Without this level of context, wouldn’t you just be getting another way to manage data? Read more

Can we make it real?

The single biggest challenge for any software company is deciding what should go into their products. As we thought about the data governance, we considered the options; do we build on top of our existing MDM product or start from scratch? Most of the vendors we compete with in the MDM market were planning on extending MDM, but we felt this was a flawed strategy. Why? Because MDM is repository-centric and focused on managing master data only. We believed that in order to build an effective data governance product, we needed to consider ALL data, as well as business process and organizational context. Read more

Proving the Market

In the midst of one of the worst economic recessions in recent times, we were thinking about a new direction for Kalido. Why? Our core products have done a great job in solving some major customer problems, and our newest products were making it easier than ever to implement and deploy a Kalido environment. Even with this momentum, the data warehousing market was slowing and the MDM market was evolving to be a feature set in a broader stack. Read more