NoetixViews Workbench Wins Second Award!

The 2012 Best in Biz Awards, the only business awards program judged by members of the press and industry analysts, announced that NoetixViews® Workbench has won a Bronze award for New Product of the Year. Read more

Introducing Noetix Generator for Microsoft Business Intelligence

If your organization relies on Microsoft solutions for its business intelligence requirements, we have a great product for you!  Noetix Generator for Microsoft Business Intelligence is a new solution that makes it faster and easier to roll out operational and strategic reporting from Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) application data to Microsoft Business Intelligence users. Read more

Noetix Rolls Out Noetix Analytics 5.2

We are thrilled to introduce Noetix Analytics 5.2, featuring substantial technology enhancements including high availability data marts for around-the-clock reporting and new key performance indicators such as a cash-conversion cycle. Read more

Noetix Introduces NoetixViews Workbench

Collaborate in Las Vegas was a great venue to introduce NoetixViews Workbench, a new technology platform that automates the creation and management of customizations to NoetixViews® for Oracle® E-Business Suite.  The solution was created based on feedback from customers telling us they want all of their E-Business Suite operational reports based entirely on the Noetix framework and they also wanted an easier and more cost effective way to build and maintain their customizations.  By automating what used to be a manual process, Workbench will dramatically improve quality and turnaround time for customizations, all with a lower demand for IT resources. Read more

Introducing NoetixViews 6.1 for Oracle E-Business Suite

The latest release of NoetixViews includes some exciting new features along with key performance, security, and administration improvements.

Almost all of our customers have created parent-child hierarchies for use in their Financial Statement Generator (FSG) reports. NoetixViews now extends these hierarchies to our customers’ BI tool of choice, including Oracle BI, Cognos, and BusinessObjects. Users can now create financial and management reports with automatic drilling on their natural account, cost center, or any segment of their chart of accounts. The very reporting structures created for financial statements can be utilized in day-to-day operational and management reporting. Read more

Introducing Noetix Analytics for Oracle Financial Statement Generator

Noetix Analytics 5.0 was released last May, and more recently we’ve been diligently working on Noetix Analytics 5.1, which shipped in February. Noetix Analytics 5.1 has a big emphasis on new content including a powerful new feature called the Financial Statement Generator (FSG) data mart.

During months of development for this solution, we engaged the help of several partners and worked with them to identify challenges they experienced with their existing Oracle FSG reporting. We found they had limited drill-down capability with hundreds of existing FSG reports. They recounted that it was difficult to maintain the Application Desktop Integrator (ADI) and experienced loss of functionality when upgrading to R12. In addition, their FSG reporting was not integrated with their enterprise BI platform and data warehouse.

In response to these and other issues, we are introducing Noetix Analytics for Oracle FSG, a packaged data mart, including ETL routines, and a set of report templates that reproduce your existing Oracle FSG reports in your BI platform of choice, including Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, Cognos, or Business Objects. In this way, Noetix preserves and extends the value of our customers’ investments in Oracle FSG reports.

Users will also benefit from dramatically superior drill-down capabilities provided by Noetix Analytics. Not only can they now see the FSG reports in their BI platform, they also have much better ability to interact with that report, and can drill to account balances, journal details, and ultimately all the way down to the sub-ledgers.

We’re very excited about this new capability and believe there will be a lot of demand for the solution. More details are available via this On Demand Web Seminar: Discover What’s New in Noetix Analytics.

Noetix Search: An Essential Tool for Accessing Your Noetix Data

Are you wondering what exactly Noetix Search is used for? Let’s start with some background: NoetixViews and Noetix Analytics both provide incredibly rich data models for helping you get to your data. You can build transactional and operational reports with NoetixViews, as well as multi-dimensional analysis and dashboards with Noetix Analytics.

One of the challenges, because the models have so much content, is finding the right objects to serve as the basis of your report. Which view should I use? What relationship set has the right fields for my dashboard?

This is exactly the problem Noetix Search is designed to solve. Noetix Search provides a familiar, easy-to-use interface that allows you to look through all the Noetix content to find what you need. You can browse through your views and analytics using a hierarchy based on subject areas – Payables, Receivables, Inventory, Projects, or whatever functional areas you have. You can also search, just like you do in Google, simply by entering a few keywords.

Once Noetix Search finds something that might be a good match, it presents a detailed page with all the relevant information that you need to understand how to use it. For a Noetix view, that page includes descriptions of all of the view’s columns, some questions you can answer using the view, lists of related views, a list of all the Oracle database tables used by the view, and more. For Noetix Analytics, the detail page shows all of the fields, all of the tables (including the join definitions between them), a diagram of the star schema, and more.

For any report author, Noetix Search is an essential tool that unlocks the full value of the other Noetix products. For more detailed information on Noetix Search, view this short On Demand Demo.

What’s New in Operational Reporting?

Noetix Rounds Out Its Global Views Offering for E-Business Suite!

NoetixViews, the most widely adopted operational reporting solution for Oracle E-Business Suite, now includes global views for Oracle Financials, U.S. Federal Financials, Supply Chain, Discrete Manufacturing, Projects, and Enterprise Asset Management. This new offering joins the previously released global views for Oracle’s Human Resource Management System application suite, Process Manufacturing and Service suites, and Advanced Supply Chain Planning.

The global views represent the smallest-ever footprint of NoetixViews without compromising its unparalleled coverage of Oracle E-Business Suite. The global views for each NoetixViews module provide the ideal foundation for standardized, enterprise-wide reporting by delivering data from all business groups, ledgers, operating units, and inventory organizations in the Oracle E-Business Suite instance. Coupled with row-level security—a feature that assures end users see only the data in their reports that they have access to in Oracle E-Business Suite—the enterprise-wide reach of the global views delivers a complete operational reporting solution. This means more users can cost-effectively gain access to their data faster.

Parallel enhancements to the Noetix Generator products deliver row-level security with the global views for users of SAP BusinessObjects, IBM Cognos BI, and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition.

The new global views are available to current NoetixViews customers as an add-on to their existing NoetixViews environment. Please contact Noetix for more information at or call 866-4NOETIX.

NoetixViews transforms the complexity of the Oracle E-Business Suite database into recognizable business views of data that are used by both IT professionals and business users to create custom reports and ad hoc queries. Using patented Noetix MetaBuilder technology, the views are automatically configured to support customer-specific setups, including key and descriptive flexfields.

Noetix Generator: Your Oracle EBS Content in the Platform of Your Choice

Noetix has been working on new versions of Noetix Generator for each of the major BI platforms: IBM Cognos, SAP Business Objects, and Oracle BI.

Noetix Generator automates the administrative task of building the metadata models for the different BI platforms. Each platform uses a different name for these models – Business Objects has a “universe”, Cognos has “Framework Manager packages”, and Oracle BI has an “Enterprise Information Model” (which is stored in a file referred to as an “RPD file”, based on the filename suffix it uses). While these models have some differences and distinctions, they all have a common purpose: they provide the BI platform with a “map” to the database content.

Each of the BI platforms also has administrative tools to build these models. However, the actual process for building the models can be tedious, and defining the links between objects can be extremely tricky. In addition, specifying user-friendly names for fields requires an often painful amount of repetitive typing.

The Noetix family of products greatly reduce that effort by building the models automatically. They create the connections between objects, define the appropriate data types (and usage hints) for all the fields, and organize the information into a structure that makes sense to business users who need to build reports.

The newest releases – version 3.0 of the Noetix Generator family of products – add some exciting features. Most importantly, the generators will now support the next generation of NoetixViews. Along with this support, we’ve improved the presentation layer, creating an even more intuitive experience for business users with greater ease of use.

These new releases also include support for our newest addition to the product stack, Noetix Analytics. Now customers who purchase Noetix Analytics for strategic reporting will be able to generate the models for their BI platforms automatically, just like customers using NoetixViews for operational reporting. If customers have both NoetixViews and Noetix Analytics, they’ll be able to generate all of their Noetix content into the same BI platform!

Finally, the new releases of Noetix Generator for Cognos BI and Noetix Generator for Business Objects will add the ability to automatically generate charts using the NoetixAnswers metadata. This provides functional equivalence with Noetix Generator for Oracle BI, which has included chart generation since last year.

We’re excited about these new releases – a lot of engineering, testing, and documentation effort has gone into them. We look forward to hearing your feedback on our new features.

Introducing Noetix Analytics

Whether your reporting needs are operational or analytical and regardless of whether you have already made BI platform investments, Noetix Analytics can accelerate your data warehouse and reporting initiatives to maximize your return on investment. Read more