Achieving Data Accuracy in the Automation Era

From machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to robotics, more and more companies are embracing automation to drive process improvements across their business. Unfortunately, they’re falling short of achieving that result. The leading factor holding them back is data accuracy.

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magnitude customers speak out on ROI

How Magnitude helps businesses drive operational efficiencies: Here’s what customers are saying …

Today’s digital enterprises face enormous application and data challenges. In an increasingly fragmented data environment, they’re grappling with scale complexity as the velocity, volume, and variety of data continue to rise, including unstructured and structured sources – and a growing need to operate in real-time.

The Imperative for Managed Services in this Data-driven Era

We’ve all heard the saying “data is the new oil!”  In today’s data-driven economy, managing application data effectively is now table stakes for any agile-minded business. But in reality – even with a team of data experts on staff – most companies struggle to keep up with the scale and pace of data creation across the myriad of ERPs, cloud, on-premises and hybrid systems. Read more

Master Data Management MDM 10 SP1 Released!

With the release of Magnitude MDM 10 SP1 on October 4, 2018, we have completely rearchitected the way we manage and process data.  What does this mean to the user?  Read on…. Read more

Q&A Donal Farmer

Q&A with TreeHive Strategy’s Donald Farmer: How Magnitude is closing the gap on data connectivity

At this year’s Strata Data Conference, Magnitude unveiled its breakthrough data connectivity solution, Magnitude Gateway  with customers and partners. We caught up with data analytics thought leader and TreeHive Strategy principal, Donald Farmer on his perspective on data connectivity and Magnitude’s new offering. Read more

Kalido-Heritage Products and Magnitude Software

I’ve worked with the Kalido heritage products since the late nineties. Sometimes I’m asked how being part of Magnitude has helped our products like Magnitude DIW and Magnitude MDM. One of the first examples was using the Noetix METL connectors to automatically build the semantic layer for some of the business intelligence tools. We used to use another method to do this that we had to pay extra for and didn’t fully control. If a customer asked us to change something, we had to raise the issue with the provider we used and then were at the mercy of their schedule to implement it (and in the worst case, sometimes denied the request). Fast forward to using METL, we now control the end to end process and could take advantage of other BI tools that METL supports in the future. Read more

The Data Connectivity Imperative for Business Users and ISVs

Businesses are creating data at an explosive rate. Accessing that data from countless sources – in the cloud, on premises, from IoT devices and apps – or via hybrid environments in and of itself, is difficult at best. And the ease of putting that data to good use within popular business applications is practically impossible. Both these challenges require reliable and efficient data connectivity … a struggle for almost every organization. In part, and quite frankly, this is due to the fact that managing connectivity solutions takes useful resources away from other business, IT and product development requirements. Read more

Magnitude Makes Seventh Acquisition; Bolsters SAP Presence with Every Angle

”By By Chairman & CEO Chris Ney

Today Magnitude reached another major growth milestone that continues our rapid expansion in unified application data management solutions by enhancing our support for the SAP ecosystem:

Magnitude acquired Every Angle Software Solutions

This provider of analytics software enables users of SAP-run organizations to optimize their operational performance by empowering insightful and flexible business analytics.


Our third acquisition in the past eight months – seventh in total!

This acquisition immediately expands our capabilities for delivering unified application data management in today’s highly fragmented application environment. This is a job we put front and center because by simplifying data access, management, analytics and reporting, we empower companies to realize the operational upside and efficiencies originally promised by modern business applications like SAP and Oracle.

Acquisition strengthens SAP presence and expands our portfolio

Adding Every Angle broadens Magnitude’s portfolio, strengthens our presence within the largest global ERP ecosystem (SAP has 23% market share per Gartner), and expands our global reach in Europe.

SAP’s Data 2020: State of Big Data report highlights the urgency for better enterprise data management, including the ability to unify application data. Our combined Magnitude-Every Angle portfolio addresses that need directly by empowering users to gain insights as well as identify and resolve key business issues, while hiding the complexity of SAP’s data structure. And with an eye toward the future … we’re well positioned to capitalize on the potential disruption of traditional approaches to operational insights with predictive insights.

A complementary solution set that works on any SAP system.

What Every Angle brings is a self-service solution: one that works on any SAP system (ECC and HANA) and hides the complexity of SAP’s data structures, allowing end users to quickly identify and resolve key business issues. This is highly complementary to Magnitude’s expansive SAP Application Data Management solution set, which includes agile SAP data management through Innowera, and SAP Central Finance integration, through Magnitude SourceConnect.

Most importantly, our customers can immediately benefit from the power of gaining operational access and insights to their data – an imperative for SAP business users. Our combined portfolio will deliver self-service capabilities as well as facilitate simpler, faster, more accurate reporting and analytics across customers’ diverse application and ERP environments.

Welcome to the Magnitude family, Every Angle!

The entire Magnitude team is thrilled to welcome Every Angle customers, partners and the team – to the Magnitude family, and we look forward to building on our SAP momentum and global expansion with our broader team!

For more information about the acquisition, please read our press release and FAQ document.


We’re 4 years old and just getting started …

Sometimes I have to remind myself that we’re just a toddler with a strong family history … Fresh from a quarterly board meeting, after closing out a great quarter ahead of plan, it felt like a good time reflect on where we’ve come.

Four years ago, we formally announced the formation of Magnitude Software. We had an ambitious goal: disrupt the status quo in the information management space. While we had some strong provenance from our founding entities, we were still an infant, with no name recognition and no following. But we had the backing of a strong financial sponsor, a strong team and even bigger ambitions. The last four years have flown by and I thought it would be a good time to reflect on where we have come and what we’ve accomplished … Read more

Magnitude Essential Reading List: January 2018 Edition

We’re gearing up for an exciting and energizing 2018 with our expanded, global Magnitude family that now includes Agility Multichannel and Innowera. Check out what industry and business leaders are saying as they reflect on our recent acquisition news.

From unifying the enterprise across fragmented environments to simplifying critical data access for our customers, we’d like to share a few highlights of our insights and resources for your January reading list: Read more