Lessons from Leaders

Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the giants in our industry. I’ve learned a lot, and I hope I’ve imparted some knowledge along the way to others. In the past five + years as CEO of Kalido, I’ve found a new source of inspiration and ideas – leaders from different industries with very different backgrounds. Read more

BI Industry News Wrap-Up: 2012 BI Predictions – Pass That Crystal Ball!

The crystal ball has been getting a lot of use during the past few weeks as everyone from tech reporters to industry analysts to CEOs weighs in on their predictions for how business intelligence will succeed and fail, change, and stay the same in 2012. Read more

Cloud Computing News 2011: Oracle Cloud Solutions

Oracle’s move into cloud CRM at the end of October had business and tech media abuzz with speculation of what it means for competitors such as Salesforce.com and Microsoft. Some news outlets jumped on the bandwagon by offering up their own definitions of “The Cloud,” and still others continue to wonder if the cloud even matters? Read more

What’s new in OBI EE 11g?

In August, Oracle released the 11g version of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBI EE). This version represents the most significant OBI EE release since Oracle acquired Siebel (and the technology that has become OBI EE) in January 2006.

With the 11g release, Oracle has completely integrated OBI EE with its Fusion Middleware – a collection of server applications and other software products that provide the foundation for application development. Most significantly, OBI EE 11g requires the WebLogic application server. While these changes make the OBI EE suite more scalable, they also make OBI EE 11g considerably more complex. Many of the administrative tasks for OBI EE (including security features that are now part of Fusion Middleware) are now accomplished through Oracle Enterprise Manager.

From an end-user standpoint, there are quite a few intriguing changes. Improvements have been made in BI Answers (the ad hoc query and reporting tool that includes BI Interactive Dashboards) and in BI Publisher (the tool for delivering “pixel-perfect” reports). BI Answers has improved master-detail capabilities, new hierarchical column display options, sophisticated filtering features, and a new mapping engine. BI Publisher has added a new WYSIWYG layout designer, along with new interactive capabilities for viewing the report output.

Finally (and of significance for Noetix customers who use OBI EE), there are some big changes in how the Enterprise Information Model is created and managed. There is a new API for programmatically creating and modifying the model (which Noetix will take advantage of in an upcoming release of Noetix Generator for Oracle BI). There are also impressive new features for updating the models, along with some additional support for advanced hierarchies within the model itself.

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Overall, this is a major release. Customers will want to plan their upgrades from earlier versions of OBI EE and move to the 11g release sometime in 2011.

For more information on OBI EE 11g including what’s new in this release and how Noetix can help customers take advantage of those new features, view Noetix’s On Demand Web seminar, “Achieve Transactional BI and Analytical BI Today with OBI EE 11g”.

New Survey Shows Urgent Need for Data Governance Technology

Information Difference just published a new study based on a survey exploring the links between data governance, master data management (MDM) and data quality. While it’s full of insights, I’m particularly struck by how urgently companies are expressing the need for data governance technology. Read more