Where’s My Magic Quadrant?

When I got involved with Kalido over 15 years ago, we had big plans to change the world of data warehousing, and we still do.  However, one frustration we’ve had over the years is recognition from the major analyst firms that how we build data warehouses is fundamentally different and merits a “Quadrant” or “Wave” of our own.  In a nutshell, we think that the old way of building models with ER modeling tools, having DBAs create physical tables from those models, and then hardcoding the population of those tables with an ETL tool can never allow a business to be as agile as they need to be. Read more

Tech Media Weigh in on Oracle OpenWorld 2013

Oracle OpenWorldNoetix has been exhibiting at Oracle OpenWorld for over a decade and we continue to get tremendous value from seeing our customers and meeting new prospects at this conference. It was another great show for Noetix and now we get the chance to sit back and read what the press thought of Oracle’s performance. Here are some highlights. Read more

Best of COLLABORATE 13 – OAUG Forum Webinar Series

Don’t miss the OAUG Forum webinar series, Best of COLLABORATE 13, featuring more than 30 sessions originally presented at the COLLABORATE 13 conference in April.  The sessions will be presented live via webinar daily from August 19 to 30.  Attendance is free and unlimited for all employees of OAUG member organizations, but space is limited and advance registration is required.   Read more

Will Companies Ever Have the Ability to Measure BI Performance?

In January, we posted a quick poll question: “How much has your BI deployment contributed to your company’s success?”  Most companies embark upon a business intelligence initiative in order to improve the quality of business decisions, resulting in a positive impact on costs and revenue.  However, measuring that correlation is often difficult, if not impossible.  As part of the poll question, we offered answers that spoke to hunches: “Not at all”; “Slightly”; “Somewhat” or “Significantly”.  The top answer to that poll question was: Slightly. Read more

BI Scorecard’s 2012 Successful BI Survey

Twenty-year BI veteran Cindi Howson kicks off her sixth annual report on BI best practices with some compelling statements:

“In a difficult economy and fiercely competitive business environment, business intelligence has become an essential technology.  While the industry is awash with the buzz of big data and business analytics, many companies are still struggling with the basics of accessing data, unearthing insights amid ever-expanding data volumes.  Companies are forced to make smarter decisions, faster.  For some, it’s a matter of business survival. For others, it’s a matter of being the best and outperforming competitors.” Read more

Can BI truly be self-service?

QUESTION: Can BI truly be self-service?

ANSWER: There has been a lot of recent buzz about self-service BI. It’s an objective virtually every organization would like to achieve: let business users explore their data without the need for much support (or infrastructure creation) from IT. Read more

New Year’s Resolutions: What you can do to make BI better in 2013

Now that we’re in January, information management industry media and analysts are done with their recaps, predictions, and forecasts and have moved on to some resolutions for 2013.  Following are a few of our favorites… and don’t worry, not one mentions a diet. Read more

Ventana Research Report Reveals Business Analytics the Top Technology for Optimizing IT

To mark its 10th year in business, Ventana Research has released what it calls its “most ambitious benchmark research undertaking ever.”  The new report, titled Business Technology Innovation, identifies six key areas that show promise to become critical differentiators for improvement in business performance and processes.  The six areas are as follows: Big Data; Business Analytics; Social Media; Mobile Technology; Business Collaboration; and Cloud Computing. Read more

Business Intelligence Trends for 2013

Halloween is over, retail stores are hanging holiday garlands, and the BI analysts are serving up their annual predictions for next year’s top technology trends.  It looks like some exciting and impactful technology innovations are coming our way. Read more