Magnitude Gateway Embedded 1.1: Streamlined Universal Data Access for Enterprise Applications

Connectivity is the lifeline for today’s data-driven businesses, though many software providers struggle to keep pace with the escalating costs, time-sink and maintenance of today’s data connectivity solutions.

In an increasingly competitive market, it has become a pre-requisite for software companies to provide connectivity to more data sources for cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments. Software companies need to address these fundamental connectivity questions to improve time-to-market, customer experience, addressable market and total cost of ownership — while meeting customer demand for connectivity to multiple data sources:

  • How do you maintain your current connectivity program today?
  • What are your teams’ challenges in keeping pace with data source versions and expansions?
  • Do you have issues deploying, distributing and maintaining your connectivity solutions?
  • Is the rollout of your software releases ever delayed due to development teams bottlenecked with connectivity development?

Magnitude’s Simba team designed our new Magnitude Gateway platform to solve these burgeoning connectivity challenges. And with the release of Magnitude Gateway Embedded 1.1, software vendors can do this AND decouple connectivity updates from their product release cycles.

We’ve made integration seamless with a single universal driver to access all data sources, enabling software vendors to get products to market even faster with simpler development, hands-off configuration and streamlined maintenance.

To learn more, read our press release and download our fact sheet.