Magnitude Releases Kalido Data Warehouse Automation for the Cloud

Accelerate Faster Business Value with Kalido Data Warehouse Automation for the Cloud

2020 is ushering in an accelerated phase of cloud growth as more businesses seek to take advantage of the usability, scalability, and flexibility of cloud solutions and shift more of their data to the cloud.

However, effective data management and improving data quality in the cloud is no easy endeavor. Ensuring agility in your data warehouse is the foundation for success and we’ve now released Kalido Dynamic Information Warehouse (DIW) for the cloud, our original and best data warehouse automation technology on the native cloud, specifically for Azure customers.

Why this matters

Automation, agility, and speed are part of the Kalido DNA. We’re dramatically accelerating the ability for businesses to deliver business value faster through our model-driven data warehouse automation with all of the benefits of the cloud —lower cost of ownership, zero maintenance, lower risk and via a subscription model.

We’re empowering our customers with significant time, resource and effort savings in their Kalido DIW projects compared to traditional data warehouse design, build and operation experiences. But don’t just take our word for it.

Among the key customer benefits:

  • Through automation, everything from designing, building, and operating a data warehouse can be achieved much faster compared to traditional data warehouse development and implementation methods.
  • As a result, business teams gain access to the data they need for analysis and decision-making faster, in an environment that is much easier to keep current with constant business-driven change. Furthermore, with DIW in the cloud, businesses can innovate even faster in solving their most complex data challenges.
  • The combination of our business information modeling and data warehouse automation solutions is helping today’s data-driven businesses eliminate manual tasks, reduce project risks and lead to improved data quality.

Interested in developing and deploying a high-quality data foundation for analytics in 90 days or less with Dynamic Information Warehouse (DIW) in the cloud?  Let’s have a conversation

Product information modeling concepts and techniques

Turn Information into Knowledge – Business Information Modeling Concepts and Techniques

Applying a model-driven approach to data management is key for meeting the speed to market and flexibility needs of today’s businesses.

Rather than requiring a complete model of the entire enterprise-wide set of requirements before deploying the warehouse, Magnitude’s Business Information Modeler (BIM) allows you to start small, iterate, and deploy in increments. Read more

How to fix bad data: The benefits of MDM and DWA

Running your business and analyzing results with accurate and consistent data is mission critical, yet most organizations struggle with bad data. An IBM study estimates that $3.1 Trillion of America’s GDP is lost due to bad data and 1 in 3 business leaders don’t trust their own data.

GDPR is here! Keep calm with Teradata and Magnitude’s approach to compliance. Watch this video

Now that the initial GDPR deadline has passed, what are companies doing to ensure that they have the steps in place to operationalize compliance?

Kalido-Heritage Products and Magnitude Software

I’ve worked with the Kalido heritage products since the late nineties. Sometimes I’m asked how being part of Magnitude has helped our products like Magnitude DIW and Magnitude MDM. One of the first examples was using the Noetix METL connectors to automatically build the semantic layer for some of the business intelligence tools. We used to use another method to do this that we had to pay extra for and didn’t fully control. If a customer asked us to change something, we had to raise the issue with the provider we used and then were at the mercy of their schedule to implement it (and in the worst case, sometimes denied the request). Fast forward to using METL, we now control the end to end process and could take advantage of other BI tools that METL supports in the future. Read more

Demands for real-time reporting got you down?

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Magnitude Software Acquires Datalytics Technologies

This acquisition is an enormous milestone as it furthers our strategic objective to help organizations gain actionable and accurate insights from their heterogeneous application and fragmented data environment, to support business decision-making, while reducing operational cost and risk.

Noetix Analytics 5.5 Now Available!

Our hardworking Noetix product engineering team is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of Noetix Analytics with new content, performance and scalability enhancements, and streamlined maintenance. Check out our short spotlight video featuring Parikshit Kumar , Noetix Analytics Product Manager, discussing the different benefits that customers can look forward in this release. 

Finally: Analyst Coverage of Data Warehouse Automation

In response to my colleague Stephen Pace’s blog post about the lack of a “magic quadrant” for data warehouse automation, we’re happy to report that industry analyst coverage of this growing market segment has finally occurred!

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Announcing Kalido 9.1 SP2 – And a New Product

We were excited today to announce the latest release of the Kalido Information Engine, version 9.1 SP2. This release has enhancements in both our data warehouse automation capabilities and our master data management capabilities. In this post I’ll recap a few of the most notable ones.
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