The Future of AI & the Office of Finance

The Future of AI & the Office of Finance: How can the bar be raised with forward-looking indicators?

A new study released by Tata Consultancy finds that a majority of companies see artificial intelligence (AI) as “essential” to competitiveness with widespread adoption expected across job functions by 2020 in areas such as finance.

With finance leaders serving as the data stewards at many companies, we see a transformation of the Office of Finance. The promise of AI, cloud adoption, new technologies and the trend towards self-service has also influenced the evolution of the CFO role. They are becoming more of a strategic leader. CFOs now spend more time optimizing the business and less time on finance administration. A recent McKinsey study cites that four in 10 CFOs say they spent the majority of their time in the past year on activities other than traditional and specialty finance. Read more

Dear Data Scientist: Your Data Warehouse Is Blurring Your Vision

Look at the blurry image. If I gave you until the end of the day, could you tell me what it is? The patterns in the data tell you that “something” is there, but what? Iteratively increasing the pixels in the field of interest—resolution–brings those patterns into focus. Each iteration makes it clearer. Read more

But the wise man don’t know how it feels…

Who am I to let a good theme die?  Kudos to Jim Harris for his excellent follow up on his “Brickyard Chaos” blog with an even more insightful “Another Brick in the Wall” blog ( I love the Pink Floyd reference).  Truth be told, I’m a bigger classic rock fan than I am a NASCAR fan, thus the association of this blog to the epic “Thick as a Brick” from one of my personal favorites Jethro Tull.  Read more

Data Science and Agile Methodology

Last week Kalido hosted a webinar entitled “Data Scientist: Your Must-Have Business Investment NOW.”   The panelists (Carla Gentry, David Smith and Gregory Piatetsky) spoke eloquently about the role of the Data Scientist and the types of analysis they perform. Read more

Yours, Mine and Ours

As I was straightening up my home office this weekend, I removed a stack of notes from on top of a stack of “go to” books on my desk.  Three of those books belonged to “The Data Model Resource Book” series from Len Silverston (a great source of reference for data warehouse modeling patterns across various industries).  Just seeing the books reminded me of a conversation he and I had a few months back while comparing scars from the data wars we’ve each been a part of over our careers. Read more

Does the Corner Office Value Data Science (or scientists)?

Data scientists are touted in analytics circles as the jet jockeys of information management. But as Big Data evolves, do the people at the very top of the org charts even recognize their importance? A recent survey seems to say maybe not. Read more