Magnitude’s Simba Special Offer at Tableau: Exclusive 50-Day Free License for Cassandra and Concur Drivers

Even — or maybe especially — in highly regulated industries like financial services and healthcare, data is as much an organization’s lifeblood as it is a critical component of compliance that also must be carefully governed.

The first step is ensuring the right access to that data. And in the case of accessing the right data from Tableau to see and understand your data for solid decision-making — the answer is our flagship Simba connectivity solutions that are pivotal to the vast operational efficiencies delivered by the Magnitude portfolio of products.

Join our Simba connectivity team at the Tableau conference (Nov. 12-15), the largest data community event of the year. You’ll experience first-hand how to simplify data access for Tableau users by easily connecting multiple apps to Tableau.

Join our team at Booth-K11 and learn how to boost your analytics capabilities by connecting Tableau to any data source. Book time now to secure your exclusive offer for Tableau conference attendees — 50-Day driver licenses.

Not going to Tableau – or just eager to learn more about supporting your applications for speed and scale? Join our LIVE webinar on Oct. 24th, 2019 at 11:00 AM PDT / 2:00 PM EDT. 

Data Management Essential Reading List: July 2019 Edition

Data scientist, marketing operations director, CTO, CIO, product manager, head of commerce, business analyst, office of finance professionals … so many of us are intrinsically involved in the data revolution and digital transformation that listing all the associated titles would take the first half of this article! I offer this consideration because transforming digitally truly is part of almost all our jobs in the corporate world —as we all create AND use data to make decisions. Read more

DM Radio: Darren Peirce on why metadata is the secret sauce

Data practitioners recognize that metadata is the glue that holds information systems together.  But with the advent of big data, the volume, velocity, and variety of data hit new highs – and just about everything seemed to change.

But guess what: metadata matters just as much in this new world as it did in the old.

On this episode of DM Radio, our CTO, Darren Peirce, Attunity’s Dan Potter and Dremio’s Kelly Stirman joined Bloor Group host Eric Kavanagh to discuss best practices for leveraging the learnings of the past, for the systems of the future.

Key topics:

  • why metadata is the secret sauce that creates vastly differentiated value to customers, when compared to infrastructure only alternatives;
  • how metadata is the foundation that enable people and systems to turn raw data into actionable business insights;
  • the emergence of process related metadata and how this unlocks the next wave of automation

Metadata is the cornerstone of Magnitude’s solutions – from pre-packaged metadata objects to bridge between business consumable insights and the raw data to built-in intelligence.

Stay tuned for our upcoming DM Radio episodes!

Inside Analysis Webcast: Veteran Analyst Mike Ferguson & Magnitude Connect on the Data-Driven Future

Everyone wants more data these days, and who can blame them? The insight economy is in full swing, and with a good view of the right data, the promise of the predictive organization that’s delighting its customers seems possible. Unfortunately – despite widespread innovation in analytics and big data processing – the nuts and bolts of accessing data and understanding its value haven’t changed in 20 years… until now. Read more

Dangers of Data Visualization Analysis

As a follow up to my ‘How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Data Analysis’ article, I’ll examine the dangers of data visualization analysis in this post.

As companies strive to gain greater insights across every aspect of their business, we’re seeing a growing demand for data visualization tools – particularly among business and non-technical users – for accessing and analyzing data. Today, there are various data visualization tools in the form of dashboards and scorecards being used on top of current BI applications or other operational systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP). Read more

Achieving Data Accuracy in the Automation Era

From machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to robotics, more and more companies are embracing automation to drive process improvements across their business. Unfortunately, they’re falling short of achieving that result. The leading factor holding them back is data accuracy.

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Q&A Donal Farmer

Q&A with TreeHive Strategy’s Donald Farmer: How Magnitude is closing the gap on data connectivity

At this year’s Strata Data Conference, Magnitude unveiled its breakthrough data connectivity solution, Magnitude Gateway  with customers and partners. We caught up with data analytics thought leader and TreeHive Strategy principal, Donald Farmer on his perspective on data connectivity and Magnitude’s new offering. Read more