Magnitude’s Simba Special Offer at Tableau: Exclusive 50-Day Free License for Cassandra and Concur Drivers

Even — or maybe especially — in highly regulated industries like financial services and healthcare, data is as much an organization’s lifeblood as it is a critical component of compliance that also must be carefully governed.

The first step is ensuring the right access to that data. And in the case of accessing the right data from Tableau to see and understand your data for solid decision-making — the answer is our flagship Simba connectivity solutions that are pivotal to the vast operational efficiencies delivered by the Magnitude portfolio of products.

Join our Simba connectivity team at the Tableau conference (Nov. 12-15), the largest data community event of the year. You’ll experience first-hand how to simplify data access for Tableau users by easily connecting multiple apps to Tableau.

Join our team at Booth-K11 and learn how to boost your analytics capabilities by connecting Tableau to any data source. Book time now to secure your exclusive offer for Tableau conference attendees — 50-Day driver licenses.

Not going to Tableau – or just eager to learn more about supporting your applications for speed and scale? Join our LIVE webinar on Oct. 24th, 2019 at 11:00 AM PDT / 2:00 PM EDT. 

Magnitude Gateway Embedded 1.1: Streamlined Universal Data Access for Enterprise Applications

Connectivity is the lifeline for today’s data-driven businesses, though many software providers struggle to keep pace with the escalating costs, time-sink and maintenance of today’s data connectivity solutions.

In an increasingly competitive market, it has become a pre-requisite for software companies to provide connectivity to more data sources for cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments. Software companies need to address these fundamental connectivity questions to improve time-to-market, customer experience, addressable market and total cost of ownership — while meeting customer demand for connectivity to multiple data sources:

  • How do you maintain your current connectivity program today?
  • What are your teams’ challenges in keeping pace with data source versions and expansions?
  • Do you have issues deploying, distributing and maintaining your connectivity solutions?
  • Is the rollout of your software releases ever delayed due to development teams bottlenecked with connectivity development?

Magnitude’s Simba team designed our new Magnitude Gateway platform to solve these burgeoning connectivity challenges. And with the release of Magnitude Gateway Embedded 1.1, software vendors can do this AND decouple connectivity updates from their product release cycles.

We’ve made integration seamless with a single universal driver to access all data sources, enabling software vendors to get products to market even faster with simpler development, hands-off configuration and streamlined maintenance.

To learn more, read our press release and download our fact sheet.

Expert series: Veteran Analyst Mike Ferguson on Smarter Connectivity for Data – driven Enterprises

Digital transformation – and the aspiration to achieve it drives the need for smarter and simpler data connectivity. Finding ways to easily access data in our incredibly fragmented landscape has become a top priority for almost every company in every industry, including those with significant enterprise application portfolios. Read more

Kx Offers First Simba Driver for In-Memory + On-Disk Computing

Magnitude’s Simba Connectivity business momentum is unwavering!  On the heels of releasing our new social media drivers, we’ve announced our partnership with Kx to enable Kx customers to deploy their data to a broader range of applications. This marks the first Simba driver connecting to a high performance in-memory and on-disk software time-series database.

A division of First Derivatives plc, Kx is a global technology provider with 20 years of experience working with some of the world’s largest finance, technology, retail, pharma, manufacturing and energy institutions. Recognized for its simplicity and performance, kdb+ is both an in-memory and on-disk database with a robust built-in query language, q, and a complete real-time streaming architecture – and it’s increasingly being used in machine learning and other applications.

This is just one more example of why Simba is recognized by customers and industry analysts as the defacto standard for innovative data access and data integration software and services.

Read our press release for more details on the new Kx offering – the result of a highly collaborative partnership working together to deliver the essential link to business insights for our customers.

Q&A Donal Farmer

Q&A with TreeHive Strategy’s Donald Farmer: How Magnitude is closing the gap on data connectivity

At this year’s Strata Data Conference, Magnitude unveiled its breakthrough data connectivity solution, Magnitude Gateway  with customers and partners. We caught up with data analytics thought leader and TreeHive Strategy principal, Donald Farmer on his perspective on data connectivity and Magnitude’s new offering. Read more

Kalido-Heritage Products and Magnitude Software

I’ve worked with the Kalido heritage products since the late nineties. Sometimes I’m asked how being part of Magnitude has helped our products like Magnitude DIW and Magnitude MDM. One of the first examples was using the Noetix METL connectors to automatically build the semantic layer for some of the business intelligence tools. We used to use another method to do this that we had to pay extra for and didn’t fully control. If a customer asked us to change something, we had to raise the issue with the provider we used and then were at the mercy of their schedule to implement it (and in the worst case, sometimes denied the request). Fast forward to using METL, we now control the end to end process and could take advantage of other BI tools that METL supports in the future. Read more

The Data Connectivity Imperative for Business Users and ISVs

Businesses are creating data at an explosive rate. Accessing that data from countless sources – in the cloud, on premises, from IoT devices and apps – or via hybrid environments in and of itself, is difficult at best. And the ease of putting that data to good use within popular business applications is practically impossible. Both these challenges require reliable and efficient data connectivity … a struggle for almost every organization. In part, and quite frankly, this is due to the fact that managing connectivity solutions takes useful resources away from other business, IT and product development requirements. Read more

How balancing the collection of and connection to data can help modernize data management

From Gartner’s ‘Modern Data Management Requires a Balance Between Collecting Data and Connecting to Data:Data and analytics leaders need to take an aggressive approach that creates an appropriate balance between data collection and data connection.

As the value of data as a core asset to digital business is now widely accepted, the most immediate reaction is attempting to collect it as if that was the key to delivering business value. The very popular data lake trend, for example, puts the collection process at the center. But collecting data doesn’t necessarily deliver business value, and collecting data may not even be possible.

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Why I joined Magnitude Software

Having spent more than two decades at the leading edge of the data management sector entrenched in its evolution and leading businesses across big data, data management and connectivity, I’m an ‘industry veteran’ in corporate speak. So at this defining point in my career, there are many boxes to tick in choosing my next move. After careful deliberation, I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve joined Magnitude Software as General Manager for its Connectivity business. Read more

Strata + Hadoop NY 2016: Data Gets Even Bigger

This week’s annual Strata + Hadoop World in New York City was, as one tweet described it, “The Lollapalooza of Big Data.” Magnitude Software had a great conference, meeting with customers, prospects and top analysts while taking in all that the ever-evolving data landscape has to offer.

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