Seven Data Words You Can’t Say…..

I was always a big fan of the late George Carlin.  There was a time when I could recite the entire “Class Clown” album during lunchtime at school (like George, I always saved my best stuff for lunchtime).   Of course, the crown jewel was the infamous “7 Dirty Words You Can’t Say on Television”.  Read more

What’s in a Name?

We’ve been so consumed with trying to create a definition to go along with the oft hyped term Big Data that I’m afraid we’re losing sight of why it even matters.  The industry seems to have settled upon a generally agreed upon label for this age old problem that has taken on a modern day twist, but a mutually agreed upon definition continues to elude us.  At least we can take solace in knowing it has a name. Read more

Hype Creates Hope… but at what cost?

The jury is still out on whether or not all of the hype around Big Data is warranted or not. It’s way too early to tell. There have been some proof points – perhaps just enough to keep the glimmer of hope alive in the minds of many executives that are pondering the decision of whether or not to buy into the whole idea. And, the buy-in can be significant. Read more

Hurry Up……… and Wait

Bill Franks from Teradata touched on this topic in a recent article I came across on the Agile Data Warehousing site.  New technologies that enable the processing of more data in a shorter amount of time are only part of the Big Data equation.  You still need the capability to make sense of it all. Read more

The Big Data Conundrum

Another article appeared last week in Forbes on the future of Big Data. No “v” words this time, but a much more practical discussion: how prepared is your IT organization to support big data? Read more

The Road to Big Data is Full of Twists and Turns

One of my favorite leisure time (and therapeutic) activities is to get out on my motorcycle and tear through the mountains out here near my home in Colorado.  There is something exhilarating and calming all at once when you throw your leg over the side, crank up the engine and lean into the curves.  The sense of agility and control that comes with years (more than I care to admit) of riding, challenging my skills, learning, and refining my technique gives me the confidence to take on some of the most difficult and technical rides around, such as the famed Mt. Evans Road (highest paved road in North America). Read more