Business Analytics in High Demand

A recent report from analyst firm IDC reveals that the business analytics market grew by more than 14 percent in 2011, and that it will continue to grow by nearly 10 percent through 2016 to reach $50 billion.

The study, Worldwide Business Analytics Software 2012–2016 Forecast and 2011 Vendor Shares, examines the business analytics software market for the period from 2007 to 2016, with vendor revenue trends and market growth forecasts. Read more

Nucleus Research study says analytics pays back $10 for every dollar spent

Nucleus Research reports that after a recent examination of 60 analytics-related ROI case studies, the organization found that for every dollar invested in technologies such as BI, PM, and predictive analytics, organizations get back an average of $10.66.  Nucleus’s analysis included ROI case audits of analytics deployed by customers of leading vendors including IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, SAS, TIBCO Spotfire, and Information Builders. Read more

Self-Service BI Back in the Spotlight

If you are a Noetix customer, you are aware that one of the key benefits of the Noetix solution is its ability to quickly transform Oracle application data into an easy to use reporting solution, enabling business professionals to create custom reports without IT assistance.  We talk with customers every day who have used Noetix software to create an environment of self-service BI that has delivered instant business answers and eliminated an overwhelming backlog of requests for IT. Read more

Check out the 2012 Wisdom of the Crowds BI Market Study

This year marks the third publishing of Howard Dresner’s “Wisdom of the Crowds™ Business Intelligence Market Study,” now available for download from Tableau Software: Read more

New Survey from Aberdeen Research Looks at TCO of BI

Aberdeen Group recently conducted a survey to analyze companies that take a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) approach to BI.  The research shows that top companies are spreading BI costs to more decision makers, creating an effective self-service environment and as a result, enjoying a faster and more meaningful Return on Investment.  While the impact of business analytics can drive measureable and repeatable business performance, the effective implementation and management of these solutions can still pose a challenge to the ill-prepared company. Read more

Is your data worth managing?

Nucleus Research released a new study this week “Measuring The Half Life of Data” introducing a framework for gauging the data’s value and the effects of time on that value. They use the scientific concept of “half-life” to reinforce the notion that data value diminishes over time and at predictable rates. The rate of decline is based on whether data is used for tactical, operational, or strategic purposes. Read more

Gartner Research Reports BI Market Revenue Hit $12.2 Billion in 2011

Gartner Research recently published its annual enterprise software market share report which found that Business Intelligence (BI), Analytics, and Performance Management (PM) software revenue was $12.2 billion in 2011—a 16.4 percent growth over 2010—making the combined areas the second-fastest growing in enterprise software. Read more

Developing a BI Strategy: Define Your BI Goals and Metrics

By Elliot King, Ph.D.
Professor of Communication, Loyola University Maryland & Founder of the Digital Media Laboratory

Business Intelligence remains high on the corporate IT agenda despite the current economic environment. In spite of the complexity of measuring the size of the BI market, analysts agree that it has been growing at a rate of at least 10 percent or more for the past three years. Read more

Business Intelligence Offers Real Benefits – Research Study of 250 IT Professionals

By Elliot King, Ph.D.
Professor of Communication, Loyola University Maryland & Founder of the Digital Media Laboratory 

Implementing business intelligence infrastructures and developing a culture of analysis have been at or near the top of the IT priority list for several years now. Both CIOs and CEOs believe that having access to and analysis of data will lead to better decision-making and more efficient operations that can have a measurable impact on the bottom-line. But is that actually true? Do business intelligence applications actually deliver on their promise? Read more

A Culture of Analysis: Promoting Fact-based Decision Making in the Organization – Research Study of 250 IT Professionals

By Elliot King, Ph.D.
Professor of Communication, Loyola University Maryland & Founder of the Digital Media Laboratory

As business intelligence platforms and tools have become more common, many enterprises have attempted to build a corporate culture based on analysis. The concept is simple. With an appropriate BI infrastructure in place, data analysis would no longer be the sole domain of analysts. Everybody from customer-facing employees to those in the C-level suite can make better decisions based on an analysis of facts. Read more