Expert series: Veteran Analyst Mike Ferguson on Smarter Connectivity for Data – driven Enterprises

Digital transformation – and the aspiration to achieve it drives the need for smarter and simpler data connectivity. Finding ways to easily access data in our incredibly fragmented landscape has become a top priority for almost every company in every industry, including those with significant enterprise application portfolios. Read more

The Strategic CFO Is a Reality

The data-driven business world demands near-real-time insights and action. In an earlier post, I discussed how the role of the CFO is expanding to encompass “data arbiter.” Today, some CFOs are not only responsible for managing and forecasting based on financial data, but on operational data as well. These CFOs are critical support, a veritable lighthouse of data and strategic insights for CEOs, COOs, CROs and Boards of Directors. Read more

Strengthening the C-Suite by Transforming the CFO Role

A CRO’s Perspective

The Office of the CFO is undergoing transformation, with data as the catalyst. A recent survey by Intacct indicates CFOs now spend less than 30% of their time closing the books. They’re spending more time getting their arms around company data … beyond financials. This includes CRM, ERP, R&D and other critical data, which are essential to managing corporate performance. Read more

Finally: Analyst Coverage of Data Warehouse Automation

In response to my colleague Stephen Pace’s blog post about the lack of a “magic quadrant” for data warehouse automation, we’re happy to report that industry analyst coverage of this growing market segment has finally occurred!

Read more

MDM Architectural Styles: Domains Matter

In a previous blog I discussed the four primary MDM architectural styles: consolidated, registry, coexistence, and transactional. In case you missed it, read it here: MDM Architecture Styles – Do you have the right mix? Each has their individual strengths and weaknesses, but no single MDM architectural style is ideal for every application.  Read more

Noetix Featured in the Bloor Group’s Operational Intelligence Directory

Bloor GroupThe Bloor Group recently invited Noetix and other select vendors who use the term Operational Intelligence (OI) to brief them on their technology and show a demo of their solution.  Bloor then created an online OI Market Directory listing of the companies which includes a recorded demo of each solution. Read more

Tune in to Hear Noetix Brief the Analysts on The Briefing Room

Noetix is excited to be appearing on this week’s episode of The Briefing Room – a live Web show focused on the how and why of today’s enterprise software products.  Each session features an innovative vendor who gives a detailed technical presentation, followed by a respected analyst who offers industry insights and then conducts a live, unscripted briefing. Read more

BI Scorecard’s 2012 Successful BI Survey

Twenty-year BI veteran Cindi Howson kicks off her sixth annual report on BI best practices with some compelling statements:

“In a difficult economy and fiercely competitive business environment, business intelligence has become an essential technology.  While the industry is awash with the buzz of big data and business analytics, many companies are still struggling with the basics of accessing data, unearthing insights amid ever-expanding data volumes.  Companies are forced to make smarter decisions, faster.  For some, it’s a matter of business survival. For others, it’s a matter of being the best and outperforming competitors.” Read more

New Year’s Resolutions: What you can do to make BI better in 2013

Now that we’re in January, information management industry media and analysts are done with their recaps, predictions, and forecasts and have moved on to some resolutions for 2013.  Following are a few of our favorites… and don’t worry, not one mentions a diet. Read more

Ventana Research Report Reveals Business Analytics the Top Technology for Optimizing IT

To mark its 10th year in business, Ventana Research has released what it calls its “most ambitious benchmark research undertaking ever.”  The new report, titled Business Technology Innovation, identifies six key areas that show promise to become critical differentiators for improvement in business performance and processes.  The six areas are as follows: Big Data; Business Analytics; Social Media; Mobile Technology; Business Collaboration; and Cloud Computing. Read more